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    A couple screen shots from my VIRB action cam from the new section of the foothill parkway Friday night just after sunset.
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    This cracks me up. I met and talked to this guy at the motel. All he did was talk about how fast he was on his connie. And that he would like to ride with me but he would let me lead so he would not leave me. We never rode together but now I wish we had. Every pic i found of him on killboy had a line of cars, harleys or other slow vehicles lined up behind him.
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    Enjoyed a nice early fall ride with the wife in tow. 717 miles total. we hit of the back roads that are not well known with names like "Frog Hollow" Rt. 72 out of Parsons follows the Cheat river north up to Albright and then 72 is nice to continue north. Great Coffee and Bake goods at the Fuel Coffee Shop, (100 Farmington-Ohiopyle Rd, Farmington, PA 15437) WV-PA Oct 2019_0020_Moment by WV-PA Oct 2019_0020 by WV-PA Oct 2019_0037 by
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    Those pics do not show what is in front of him. It could have been you.
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    I usually stay strait up. Let the big girl do all the work. When hard parts start to touch that's fast enough. No need to lean and go faster. I truley believe that's what's kept me in check all these years.
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    Velcro tennis shoes ftw.
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    Yes, You are so right. A little bumpy coming out of Parkersburg but clears up to a great ride thru the cool little town along the way to connect to 119/33 Next time you have that Motard over around Seneca Rocks 33/28 search out "smoke hole road" it off 28 and go's down to 220 on the back side of the rock. It's made for fun when dry but it's getting leaves now that it's that time of year. 28/250/220 are fun also.
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    Are the belly rubs what cause the pets to come first?
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    Got home around 6p. Just slabbed home to avoid a lot of the rain. Got wet a little in Lexington but that was it. 1620 total miles for the weekend and my batteries are officially recharged.
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    Damn fine day of riding so far. Stopped for Jesus chicken in Asheville. Weather is perfect. Couple hundred miles to go. Headed to the gap. BRP, SMNP, Foothills, dragon is the rest of my day.
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