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    A price is a requirement for a sale
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    My right winged friend above has a point. The system is not working as intended. The current screwed up system needs to be broken. That was actually the hope I had for Trump, that he may blow the whole current system up. It looks like he may. I am hopeful.
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    Comma after the word "tub." Tonik is correct.
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    the correct reference for this grouping would be "Can-Asians"
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    Yes. And it seems to be getting worse and worse. The US just isn't going to feel unified under a far left or far right agenda. It would be more Dem vs Rep stonewalling. I do kind of see Biden as a moderate, at least more so than some of the other choices.
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    when politicians start talking about eroding the bill of rights is when I start to consider who will do the least damage in their 4 year stint, even if it's not a popular choice. this is the situation it seems we are going into for 2020, sadly. neither party will put up a moderate anymore which is a problem.
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    What political "business as usual" do you see operating so smoothly that it's above being disturbed? I don't really care if Trump gets reelected or not. If another person has a better vision to move the country forward...well then that's probably good for all of us. But I sincerely hope that Trump sets the precedent for outsiders displacing career politicians that sold their souls long ago.
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    Much of what happens in Washington has little if any Constitutional basis. The power structure in DC is based on career politicians and the corporations and lobbyists that wield influence over those politicians. Some threatening to that system is necessary and long overdue. That is where democrat and republican accountability has been lacking for generations.
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    ^^RUDE! Will there be a "guess my bike" thread in the near future? Otherwise all of this is worthless... 😀
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    Trump haters are equally fascinating. They'd like to hang him for things they'd applaud if they were said by Obama or Hillary. In fact they have. Even if you hate Trump, you have to recognize that he is a threat to the structure that has had a strangle hold on power. I'm not so certain that's bad thing. Frankly, I'd be more surprised if there wasn't an effort to demonize him.
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    Doesn't matter what I own, car or bike. I change the oil/filter every 5,000 miles. Keeps the math easy. Haven't lost an engine yet.
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    First: Engineers are most certainly asshats. Welcome to my reality. Second: The likelihood of any sort of catastrophic failure by following the maintenance schedule is virtually non-existent. Case in point: Danimal's SV650 with 200k+ miles and not one single valve inspection, let alone adjustment. If you sleep better changing it more often, then I suggest you do that....sleep is always good . Third: See "First".
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    We already have a thread for colonoscopies. This is a thread for your nuts. Please try and pay attention.
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