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    Decided against my better judgment to post a ride. So thought might ask for open quorum like ride. Thinking or riding 10-5 this coming Saturday, why open quorum, at this point in OR mostly every one knows plenty of good routes and how to have fun. So even in scenario only one guy show up or 10 or the guy who posted couldn’t make it 😆, it shouldn’t affect anything. The ride will still happen with just a simple discussion on the spot. attgat as always in case random strangers and new to OR folks are reading this meet: most likely bolivar if any west side guys interested to join time: meet around 10:30, delayed due to “chilly dampen road” kind day in morning. Don’t want to haul heated gear and tippy toe around sliding asphalt by starting way early. Route: will decide on the go, twistisfaction guaranteed. Fuel break every 80-90 miles. pace: moderate to fast NOT at all suitable for new riders. But “new to motorcycling guys” feel like joining, I suggest only If you really have a balanced head and well checked and controlled ego. Never ever never try to keep up we will wait for you next corner 100% when we started out somebody waited for us. And we took our time and hence still riding. ( mostly because we been lucky) dont know now why I always Write a big wall of text. I was literally about to delete all of this and just put a date and a time. But it took me a while to type all this crap out in the phone I’m not gonna delete anything.
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    Now the hard part, you have to pick a date and then be subjected to the whining.
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    the correct reference for this grouping would be "Can-Asians"
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    Yes. And it seems to be getting worse and worse. The US just isn't going to feel unified under a far left or far right agenda. It would be more Dem vs Rep stonewalling. I do kind of see Biden as a moderate, at least more so than some of the other choices.
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    What political "business as usual" do you see operating so smoothly that it's above being disturbed? I don't really care if Trump gets reelected or not. If another person has a better vision to move the country forward...well then that's probably good for all of us. But I sincerely hope that Trump sets the precedent for outsiders displacing career politicians that sold their souls long ago.
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    The hell. If I wasn't married I would show you how old I am not.
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    The hell, you met me and we road back to CLE together
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    Trump haters are equally fascinating. They'd like to hang him for things they'd applaud if they were said by Obama or Hillary. In fact they have. Even if you hate Trump, you have to recognize that he is a threat to the structure that has had a strangle hold on power. I'm not so certain that's bad thing. Frankly, I'd be more surprised if there wasn't an effort to demonize him.
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