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    I know bottom of the bargain bin sale, $3,200 let's do this.
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    Someone got triggered.
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    Seriously. Can we not bring up the track vs street thing again? There are things I do and want to do(an see)on the street that you can never do or see on the track. There are things you can do on the track you probably shouldn't do on the street. Lets just leave it at that. There are fast guys on the track and fast guys on the street think some track guys need reminded of that every now and then. What we do isn't wrong, what you do isn't wrong. Blas, bla bla...it goes on and on.
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    Street riders refusing to go on track to improve their street skills are punks.
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    That is a true story! After 37 minutes without a pulse most people would consider a person dead, it's going take more than 37 minutes and 8 days in a coma to kill me. Many of OR people supported my family while I was in the hospital and my wife and kids appreciated the effort to visit the hospital! I'm with NinjaDoc, I listen to tunes on the Sena the majority of time, but it is nice to communicate getting out of parking lots, through traffic lights and stop signs, passing cars and trucks. Riding over 45 years on the street and the last 10 years using the Sena has made it easier talking instead of communicating like monkeys when you need a bathroom break, gas or food. JMHO.
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    i might actually attempt Pitt race next season for couple of runs. I tried track long time ago. Even before ryan and @Jester_ I think iirc I was the one trying to push them to go try it. But it never clicked for me, and these boys took to it like fish to water, or more specifically behaving like fish without water when ever they are not at the track 😆. Next year will try one more time, for me I am having enough fun for free and unlimited in the streets albeit less safe, but still enjoying. Can’t imagine what I would gain from track. Now if it’s cars there is a valid reason for tracking it, can never extract the Perfomance of cars on street, but bikes I think Perfomance limited by skills and not circumstances like traffic etc
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    FTFY based upon my behavior after my divorce decades ago.
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