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    Deleting threads and posts is for pussies
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    Look at this maniac I spotted trying to drag knee on an exit ramp
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    Fuck that guy, you shoulda called the cops!
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    Actually a true story. They also saved the company that was developing LIDAR from bankruptcy. Thanks Geico!
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    You are the skinniest old white dude to hold the Authority Badge Of BBQ!!🎖
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    Make up your fucking mind.
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    Go wash your smolder pigeon.
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    Juvenile and exhaustive throw downs are what made OR great MAKE OR GREAT AGAIN!
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    Washed my bike this morning. Used my new foam sprayer. It sprays foam. Also applied Maguire's quick detail spray liberally all over the plastic, headlights and windscreen and I'll be damned, no fucking damage! Dat shine doe....
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    The BBQ at Ohio Bike week was utter shit.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/us/houston-school-bus-driver-dwi-bad-donut Houston school bus driver charged with DWI blames it on bad donut. She said it was given to her out the back of a motorcycle's topcase and tasted like moonshine.
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    Is indeed a clean low mile bike in good order. Price seems fair. Glws, lbts.
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    Splitting hairs??? This thread is extra dumb.
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