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    Update: Graduated last week....but next is a certificate in renewable energy. Start new job in a couple of weeks....
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    Is this still avaiilable?
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    Oil change on the gsxs1000. 3600 miles already. Rotella with wix filter. Oil was a bit darker than i expected coming out, but there was minimal black residue on the drain plug magnet. Also cleaned and lubed chain. There is already rust on it, which angers me...must be from riding to work in the rain the other week. Have been cleaning and lubing chain every other tank of gas (300 miles or so), thought that would have been often enough. Really hosed it down with the KLR this time, maybe I'll go to lube every tank, clean and lube every other.
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    I got my grass mowed today. Thinking about leaving Sunday for a 3 day trip. My plan is to run over and ride WV 16. Probably stay somewhere around Beckley Sunday night. Monday ride the Back of the Dragon.
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    That awkward moment when you're stuck behind the demo truck, and know your not going to make the event.
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    I randomly had a great ride today. After arriving at Iron Horse around noon and unloadeding the Strom. My wife unpacked and set up the room while I jumped on the bike and did a quick run down 28 to the 129 store, jumped on the dragon and did a down and back. Then ran back on 129 to 143 to Iron horse. A very exciting 80 miles. Little traffic and I scrubbed in a new rear Mitas 50/50. Tried to get it done before the dragon but had two big rear power slides on exit that made me reminisce the old superbikes day's. 75degs, what a way jam.
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    Hell hes not even convincing as a man
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    Sold 😥 lock it up please...
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