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    I had about 10% of my 401 k invested in gold in roughly 2005 through late 2011. It hit nearly 1800 an ounce in 2011 so sold it off and rolled it over. Wish I would have had more invested at the time
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    I am not sure what bike you are even riding this month so I will guess it's primary street orientated.😉 Your rim size will most likely limit your choice. The 90/10 tires are surprising well suited to gravel and dry two track off asphalt roads. I ran the Standard Metzler Tourance tire on my 04 VS for 8 years in sand, mud, desert and loved them. The Bridgestone Battle Wings are my 90/10 choice now and I have chased Jschaf & Durk around the curvature of SE Ohio asphalt with no Issues. Pirelli Scorpion also makes a good 90/10. If you feel more off road capabilities are needed then I recommend a additional bike is a must. More aggressive off road tire will bring your speed and confidence level up off road but then you will be limited by suspension and ground clearance. On asphalt the 50/50 tires and to some extent the 80/20's I have tried "fall in" quickly on asphalt corners and may require a adjustment to your style. The Metzlers and Bridgestone are very forgiving and provide solid feedback when pushed to there on asphalt. Good luck in your quest.👴 (YMMV)
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    Got a chance to enjoy a nice curvy asphalt Z1K ride with the wife & Spyder out to "Boondocks BBQ" in McConnelsville and back home in Hocking Hills. Weather was great and the spring vews into the wood line with the lite green color starting to bud out was just right. Still have to watch for the winter gravel in corners but the best part was that "Max Power" and his wife "Mid Range" were test riding my Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom the entire day and seemed to enjoy a well sorted bike on a mixture of roads. 100 mile lunch ride. 78, 555, 669, 216, 595, all in great shape
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    ....two hundred years to build Notre Dame Cathedral and only a few hours to burn it down.
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