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    Sorry, Kent. This bike has made me grumpy and mean. I can't explain it. It just has this weird vibe like it used to be ridden by a fucking dickhead and his negative energy is still exuding hate from the grips. I hope it wears off soon.
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    No....the Dark side comes only when you mount a car tire to the rear of your new Accord
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    Terrific. So, if I were to purchase something with silver or sell the silver to a private party...how, exactly could that be tracked? It can't. Do you pay taxes on jewelry that appreciates? https://gsiexchange.com/states-gold-silver-become-legal-tender/
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    But it will be the best week evar!!!
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    Why would I care? Hang out with a bunch of old fuckers that own Goldwings? Oh, wait.
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    Embrace the hate my son, welcome to the Dark Side.
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    As stated I am generally against naming vehicles, but if there must be a name... The bike should be the Walrus and the rider...the Paulrus.
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    I am pretty sure that asked you in another thread if you bought the white whale. You asked what I was talking about? what the fuck? I hate hipsters!
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    My father in law, a city cop. My father, retired sheriffs office drug enforcement. Both dumped a fair amount of cash into growers and dispensary companies when the medical marijuana thing legalized. They did and continue to do very well. I thought ironic due to their professions. FWITW. I know not exactly what you asked about but worth a look.
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