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    Under the truck and out of the way. Plenty of clearance.
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    I'm in, like always I will consider riding the MC and it will be drizzling or cold and I'll wimp out and drive the car. Thanks for having us derelicts over!
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    Truth. There are a few fun roads in the CVNP area but nothing to get a boner over.
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    I keep my trailer in the garage too. Mainly because its a harbor fright trailer and the elements would not be kind to it all. I engineered a winch and a couple of pulleys to lean mine against the wall out of the way and keep space clear for other stuff.
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    Nobody here really rides in Cleveland. They all ride south towards the good roads.
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    Honda turbo? Pleeeeeease... Don't even make me lift the hood on my Cruze Eco. Don't even...
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    Oh, is that the way you're gonna be? The S2000 is augmented. 😏
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