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    I'll give you a hundy to skip next year too.
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    Man, she's purty! Your addy says "Selling to get a sport touring bike." You know, a more comfortable seat, better windscreen coverage, and a set of soft bags and a tank bag and you're there. I had an '08 that I did thousands of miles on and had tons of fun with zero problems. Of course, if it's a case of wanting two-up capability, no argument....
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    Better price for my OR Bubby’s 13k mi meticulously maintained always washed covered garaged after riding Like new new PR2’s Any questions just ask https://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/6838534974.html
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    What else have you got to spend that moldy Dr. money on? Malpractice insurance is for losers. Spend that $ on some nice suspension bits!
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    These are great bikes with comfy ergos. LBTS GLWS.
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    I'd buy that if I had the cash rn....
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    I can attest to how anal this Bubby is with his stuff...whoever buys this bike will not be disappointed!
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