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    looking for mesh / perforated AGV sport leather jacket. size XL / preferably free and black silver color would be ideal. just kidding in case non regular members read this post. Non moderators needs to have fun too
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    I’m usually at this but this time I’ll be in SMA Mexico, visiting friends and having some medical work done. Same doctor that treated me last August. Assuming a good report, will fly back to US 4/1 and work feverishly on leaving again first week of May for all points South. I recommend their pork shank. Dr. Pepper sauce IIRC. Have fun
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    Being charged extra by the government to legalize reduction of hearing risk doesn't sound fair at all to me. This is why I hate politicians.
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    Are we back in business????? https://www.wlwt.com/article/latest-transportation-bill-proposes-eliminating-front-license-plates-hiking-registration-fees/26746690
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    Other than the Gap trip I have zero bike plans this year other than ride every chance I get. Even the Gap tip I'm strongly leaning towards just trailering the Z down. Unless @max power get him a tour bike then I might ride down with him.
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    The estate handles this. Ex wife gets half of the value of the bike, the estate gets the rest. Since there is no will the whole thing goes into probate.
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    He is 100% allowed to resign and America should be grateful for his service. However, he didn't resign because he is old. He resigned becasue President Trump basically told him for the past year that his input and experience is irrelevant. Just another advisor distancing himself from the tire fire that is this administration. No big deal.
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    Just the reply we've been waiting for....Locking this shit up.
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