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    @NinjaDoc, will be a stretch getting to the Gap by the 9th. Jen and I planned to be there late on the 10th-14th. We're likely going to move around to a couple different rv campgrounds with the new toy hauler to take in some areas we've never ridden before. New type of adventure for us this year
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    "But make it easy to remember"
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    You are always on the side of the tire that's for sure. That coupled with the abrasive surface means you will chew through tires. I took down 4 tires that I had as take offs from the GNF and the each lasted about 3 sessions.
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    ha yea totally missed that. I will check with them this week and see if they would install a door I didn't buy from them
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    One of the original founders of RD purchased the name/website and put me on payroll. It's nice to be back working and collecting a check again.
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    June 789 I guess.
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    Vacation approved
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