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    One of the original founders of RD purchased the name/website and put me on payroll. It's nice to be back working and collecting a check again.
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    ^^^Sliding everywhere on a worn rear tire. Good fun but bad lap times. Scrubbing in a new tire for a couple laps and ended up in the 21s. With a proper tow I'm sure high 19s or 20s was obtainable. And just some other random session. Had a great time this past weekend. It took me awhile to knock the rust off and learn the track, will shoot for 19s next year.
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    You'll need a better bike!
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    It is a Wayne Dalton door and hardware package.
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    I'll grab a few for myself and the ORDN guys that don't pop on here as much but I see at the track every weekend.
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    My guy is gonna see if he can find a better deal on vinyl but right now it's looking like a buck a pop. I'll have 50 made. He can cut more later. Post up if you want to kick in and have more done. If not, I'll have 50 at my place April 27th to distribute to you fuckers.
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    I thought you were talking about this:
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    Good guns. I have a Gen2 that I have had forever.
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