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    That's all fine and good, but were they built to be shit in? Headpointmeme.gif Weird smelling shit in jars... Isn't that what you people call kimchee?
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    I found it and put it in a jar to bring to trackdays to remind the rest of us what could've been if you weren't so responsible.
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    It's getting Ohlins and I don't have any love left in me for European bikes at the moment. My current situation requires a bike that will start and run without failure or need of a service every other oil change. I am done with all of that nonsense.
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    Good luck with the new steed Pauly. Sounds like a wise choice.
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    I just want you to know that I upper deckered the Grom before I sold it to you.
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    Because you and Brandon ride the street so much anymore!
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    Well my vacation has been approved and will be booking a cabin soon-ish. See you if I see you 🏁 (I'll be down 6/6-6/9)
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    Ducati is gone. So long, shitbox.
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    @Bad324 has been slapped with a 24 hour posting restriction for non-compliance.
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