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    you used to be able to get acc rail lasers for $10 off ebay to try how you like it. too big for holsters is the downside.
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    I would say lasers arent for markmanship like accuracy, however in a home defense situation I'm sure you arent looking for headshots, you are just trying to get rounds on target in a short amount of time and I believe a "sited in" laser would aid in getting you pointed in the right direction. Me personally, I'd probably go for one of those tactical lights that are bright as fuck and have strobe options. The intruder wont be able to see shit let alone fire accurately, all while your taking aim. If you are dead set on a laser they make light/laser combo's I'm sure.
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    Replying now
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    +1 for MSTA (yes, I'm a member) They also usually have some Dual Sport rides at the events,
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    Pm sent on the EU3000 gen
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    Dude was dead, he don't need the gun anymore. Don't see the problem here.
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    Such a silly statement. His XR can traverse more roads than a street bike can.
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