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    Probably @bowdog He seems to snake all the good deals out of nowhere.
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    Not sure he even posts on here. He emailed me last Thursday after seeing the post.
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    Undetermined right now. Depends on the backing this season and the feed back we get for the 20 MA season backing. Most likely a green one but blue is still a possibility. A huge name in MA is highly likely making a switch to green in 2020 and we have incredible green support right here in Columbus with Ryan Kerr and his shop 28 Motorsports. He’s a wealth of knowledge both on and off the track and builds violent green machines.
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    Steves post above is proof that even a retarded blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. They are great for scraping shit off something you don't want to scratch. For example the painted engine in my FZ when I had to put a dab of permatex on the oil fill plug for the track. And for scraping off the track sticker from the fairing. Looked great as I drove it off the side of the road and wrecked it I have a pack of them, and a holder for them.
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    Drove 7 hours each way to pick up that tire machine. Brian was a super nice guy, awesome shop! Also picked up several snap on tools, everything is in amazing condition.
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    Skidmark. I mostly paid so Isaac could get a tatse. I am hoping he catches the bug. We tore into the Duc today and had a good time. He likes it up there and even started scouring CL for bikes he can afford.
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    That describes me and the MABDR exactly. The MABDR is scenic with easy gravel and rural pavement roads. Probably >50% pavement. There are 2 short challenge sections that were not a problem on the DRZ with 17" Shinko 244s. My friends on GSAs had more of a challenge but only 1 minor off. Some of the gravel, especially in the north half was really fast. Plenty of nice camp grounds in the national and state forests and parks. It was fun and a good shake down for my camping and packing. The hundred mile range on the DRZ was sufficient, though I did have plan a few short detours for gas and never pass one marked on the tracks. From what I have read the western BDRs are much more challenging. The nice thing is both the start and end of the MABDR is within a days ride of Ohio.
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    Relax man, we’re not your wife you don’t have to feed us that line
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    Not right now. We’re probably sitting out this season of MA and running a 600 in WERA for seat time. Then a MA run next season on a 600. The money is better and would be a more sustainable season. With Graves pulling out for the season the R3 will be even harder to be competitive on and obviously there’s not an option for Josh to keep us with him this season either so a WERA 600 makes more sense and we’ve got a few irons in the fire for a 600 MA platform for the 2020 season. 300 teams aren’t announced yet so that could change if we get an offer from someone. We’ve renewed Gavs MA license for 19 to keep his number and to be ready if an offer comes or plans change which could happen but as of now the 600 route is our plan for the ride but we’ll still be at most rounds supporting Josh
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