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    It's all my neighbor's fault. He wanted somebody to ride with on gravel roads and trails so he nagged me about it. Well, maybe twice. Then he found a good deal on this mostly street legal bike that's just the right color. Thankfully I have long legs - this bike is tall! I had to put DOT tires on it, a license plate bracket w light, and mirrors - but it already had the rest of the required parts and was titled as a street vehicle. Next I just need to sort out a carb problem. The bike sat unused for 2 years. I think whichever jet handles the mid-range throttle position is messed up. And then the fun part will be remembering my dirt bike skills. It's been 40 years since I owned a dirt bike, 75 Yamaha DT400b. This one is a much more capable bike! Chris
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    AN UPDATE ON PERFORMANCE BICYCLE – 12/07/2018 The parent company of Performance Bicycle has entered into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and as a result there have been significant changes to our businesses. Currently, all Performance Bicycle stores are holding Store Closing Sales.
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    I made a similar move back in March. Left an aerospace company that was circling the drain to work at a tool and die company that makes the machines that make cans. Crazy busy shop making tons of money. They've bought a couple million dollar machines since I hired in, with more on the way, and are leasing more and more of the building we occupy to make room for expanding operations. Nice to see machines being delivered instead of watching them be put on trucks and sent to Mexico. Congrats on the move, hope it works out long term.
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    I grind off the numbers. J/k We keep everything locked up with keys
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    New rotors in the mail. That wraps up my list of winter service essentials. Time to crack her open and rework what those guido hacks call a finished motorcycle.
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    Isabella has had timing belts that lasted longer than that Triumph engine. How dare you stick her in the corner while you praise that British POS. Have some respect and at least do it in another room.
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    Miracle cart heals the lame and lazy.
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    Two years of progress. I having been eating out more than usual, but I still make time for workouts every week.
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