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    It seems that there is interest in people going but I'm suspect of the crowd. I got some weird text a while back that seemed too much like a grinder setup to make any commitment to when or where. If the drunk or stoner that texted me could figure out technology better organizing might actually appear organized.
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    My balls. Lick them.
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    I'm working on making sure everything is tuned up to go to Ray's Friday!!!
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    I didn't spit any venom at my manager, or the director above him. They are decent people and not the problem. Our CEO and top execs are the problem. The operate with zero transparency, everyone below them is constantly left in the dark. Locations are closed, entire departments are shut down with not so much as an email letting people know. I've tried to call people that I've just spoken to a few days before, only to find out their department no longer exists. When you fire a bunch of people, stock prices will temporarily go up (due to reduced costs) then go back down. After a recent huge layoff, our CEO just sold over $20 million in stock, per SEC filing. Nice. My company has fucked over enough people there's actually a online forum where ex employees (and some current) share information on what's been happening. I let my manager and director know that I know what's going on. My entire department is likely going to be out on their asses by the end of 2019. I left before I had to take a bite out of that shit sandwich.
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    Hope you all are having a great Christmas. Santa brought me a bunch of Aerostich gift certificates and a Ducati hoodie. Woot.
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    Giving my 2 weeks notice felt even better than I imagined 😄 I am so ready for something new.
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    Eww groms. The worst. Who would ever own one of those?
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