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    Hope you all are having a great Christmas. Santa brought me a bunch of Aerostich gift certificates and a Ducati hoodie. Woot.
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    Giving my 2 weeks notice felt even better than I imagined 😄 I am so ready for something new.
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    So, I found a new, better job and am going to leave my company. I work for a company that used to be a good place to work but has become cruel and soul crushing under new management. They've literally laid of thousands (at least 5k) of US employees and sent their jobs to India, Philippines, etc. Not bad employees either, these are the people that built this company. They secretly train people overseas then when they are sorta trained they fire entire departments & close entire locations with no notice. People literally find out Friday afternoon they don't have a job Monday after 10 or 20 years . There's been at least 30 rounds of firings (probably more but they try to keep it secret). I realize this is a trend in some industries, but my company is aggressively eliminating a huge chunk of it's US workforce. Now what we have is thousands of poorly trained people, that can't effectively communicate with customers. Work has suffered, clients are constantly complaining...many have left altogether. They kept a few key employees, like me, to clean up the messes of our new cheap labor. No thanks. I'm officially quitting next week. I can't fucking wait to tell them.
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    Merry Christmas! I got a new tank bag and hip pads for the stich.
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    Merry Christmas to you too. Santa left me cash and chocolate.
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    I’m really concerned about what a Fuzzy Peach is...
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    https://www.oldcarcityusa.com/ https://www.oldcarcityusa.com/I want to check this out & new roads next yr
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    I remember you saying that. Last year they offered a "Voluntary Early Retirement Plan" to employees over 55 with at least 15 years of service. It said voluntary enough times to make an age discrimination law suit difficult. Everyone I spoke to said the message seemed more like leave now because you're no longer wanted here. It was a corporate tactic to get rid of people that have been here long enough to make a decent living. Over 70% of them took the offer, which was around 3,000 people. Many of those were our "go to" people and subject matter experts. They've been replaced with entry level people, most overseas. It's pretty much been a shit show. I feel like I'm jumping off a sinking ship.
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    Fast forward to 17:54 http://www.ohiosenate.gov/video/ohio-senate-transportation-commerce-and-workforce-committee-12-5-2018
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