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    I will put the basics together. You asshats have a few days to post up what dates in June that you can NOT go. I will pick a date that works for the most people that I don't hate. I will get us a block from Wednesday through Sunday morning. It will be held at the Two Wheel Inn just south of Robbinsville. http://twowheelinn.com/ We will need someone to design a Fuck Casper T-Shirt also. Fuck off.
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    God damn old people. I want to know when people CANT go so I can pick the best possible date for everyone.
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    Its been years and years,but some here may know Jessica knox. She past away this weekend and I wanted to make sure all her friends and loved ones know. We are having a party for her in cincy this wed if you would like to come and hangout. Event is found here on FB : https://www.facebook.com/events/601542830274540/
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    If everyone is car pooling maybe I should get the new Tesla and carpool with @tall_tracy. 😛
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    That sounds just crazy to this old country boy, just to live on top of one another.
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    Rent on the north side of Columbus. The little extra drive time downtown will be worth it in rent savings and peace of mind being in a safer area. Westerville or Gahanna would be my suggestion
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    I’m serious unfortunately. Jim is picking up the slack. Between work, family, and something else I’m working on I just don’t have time.
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    I am not volunteering to organize anything. I usually stay in Robbinsville, NC at Phillips Motel. It's a crappy place in the middle of town but it's cheap. You can walk to a Mexican restaurant, McDonalds and Wendys. It's close to the Cherohala Skyway and 17 miles from the Gap store. Back in the day the Busa Bash used to rent the whole place out. It has a new owner now so the prices have gone up.
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