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    Fast forward to 17:54 http://www.ohiosenate.gov/video/ohio-senate-transportation-commerce-and-workforce-committee-12-5-2018
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    I just watched the video from today, they amended us and they passed us. We did it, out of committee and on to the floor we go. Now the Senate votes and then the governor signs.
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    Keep the fight bro At my age I lift so I can keep doing what I want
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    Wholly Concur....Great job!
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    Haha. Did they really call me? Had to get parts down to North Carolina so one of our great American automakers can get their line back up and going. Really bummed I missed it.
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    Well done, Jim. "And Jacob Hawkins is here...........he is not......"
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    Wu-Tang and Busta would be proud.
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    Jim without a doubt that was one of the classiest and well delivered testimonies we could have hoped anyone to provide in our interests. You have my sincerest of respect and appreciation sir.
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    Im still making some progress. Life has gotten really busy, so keeping a steady gym routine has kept my sanity. Kinda switching to more of a weight training routine and not as much cardio. Battled a knee pain that set me back as far as running goes.
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    I’ll be down first week of june. Like always. @MidgetTodd you should go too
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