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    Thats a lot of strapping where TRS should be, cavemen
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    Any of those should be fine firearms. Get the one that feels and looks best to you. I had different requirements and went with the Beretta Nano. I like it a lot, and it fits under the seat of my Speed Triple:
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    Have not used much Blazer of any type. I would think it's fine for target shooting. As with any ammo in a semi-auto, it needs to feed and function reasonably well. Older weapons do not like some of the newer design shapes and can fail. If anything, I've had more trouble with Remington, but only in certain semi-autos. I prefer brass casings, to be used for reloading. Hornady FTX Critical Defense (and other FTX designs) and Sig Sauer V-Crown are both highly rated defensive ammo. Both meet FBI criteria. There's some talk of FBI and government switching to one or the other brand. Basically, the newer design hollow points just work that much better than the older designs. Previous designs were known to fail in the presence of heavy winter clothing.
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