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    I don't see them. I try to visualize another motorcycle related scene of past memories. VIR 06
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    If you need just a one time thing PM me. I'm surrounded by fields with a natural backstop valley behind me. Farmer that owns it don't care if I shoot across property lines as long as I let him know. But I am a hour north of columbus.
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    Ride Report: Great ride down to New River Gorge on Sunday for a overnight stay at the Hawks Nest SP Lodge, WVa. with a return on Monday. Weather was a little cold in the morning start with the time change. We met inmate Shrey on 33 south and road together after meeting again in Spencer, WVa. hitting route 36 and 16 south. Shrey checked out at Wallback on I77 and we staied on 16 down to Gauley Bridge. After hitting the local roads we made it to the lodge. Next morning went under the bridge and ran back roads home foe a great Fall trip to WVa. 640 miles of back roads with some nice colors and sites. 100_0014 by 100_0016 by 100_0022 by
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