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    Great 50deg. Day for a quick spin around WNF, Zaleski Forest and H.Hills. 140 miles of gravel, mud and water. V2 Nov 2018... by V2 Nov 2018.. by 11.Nov.18 Ride-00-02-21-703 by 11 Nov 2018 water by 11 Nov 2018,, by
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    I have an LCP that I carry almost every day. Pocket holster or in an ankle holster. Fits in pockets great. I bought a stainless guide rod and a 13 pound spring. Much better to shoot that the stock guide and the 9 pound spring.. Put a Hogue grip on it and get a few extra 7 round mags.
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    Also.... The LCP2 has a nice reworked trigger... It feels good to me.. Little snappy but I added a hogue grip and it shoots fine now
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