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    Beginning of my new look....
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    Okay winter time is when i shine. Summer is over vacations are done and time to get back at it. Spending this week detoxing from my last weeks vacation then I'll do a weigh in Sunday morning and make some measurements. No mystery on what I need to do but really want to hit that 219 goal this time. Came up about 4 lbs short last time. Have a spring break trip with the family planned for March that's probably a unrealistic goal time frame but i want to shed as much as i can by then. But end goal will be end of May and at my target weight. AND.......GO!!!!
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    So I started back into a meal prep plan this week (Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls) and have been weight training and running regularly. I can comfortably run 3 miles now. Weight training has progressed a lot and I am hitting personal bests on reps and weights. I started this week at 210, my goal is to be somewhere in the 195 range by spring. I am seeing more muscle tone, so the number on the scale hasn't dropped drastically.
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    Making progress at the gym just doing physical therapy. My PT is also a member so we are aggressive with my workouts. I think I will be 100% in a few more weeks.
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    Turns out my official time was 26:39. 1st place in 25-29 Male. 10th out of 66 runners.
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    Congrats! I don't run, but if I did... I would run towards a BigMac.
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