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    The most important rule in a gun fight is to actually bring a gun.
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    I think @bowdog needs to post a picture of this cute little feller. Pics sell.
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    It's not putting an animal above a human, it's teaching a kid to not be an ass hole to animals.
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    As long as he is "fixed" outside is a pretty good option, as long as coyotes don't come around. We have always had indoor/outdoor cats, but we lost two in Dublin and don't know how. We suspect coyotes. We had a pee'ing issue in our old house. Not before and not after. It could be due to other cats roaming around outside. It could be some lingering scent from another animal. It could be the type or smell of the litter. (I found that my cats didn't like the litter I was giving them.) Could even be a urinary issue like crystals or infection. Maybe just stress from moving.
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    Sorry I will never put an animal above a human, especially my own child. Send that cat packing.
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    My cat started pissing in the new house. Clean litter boxes multiple places. Hes outside. Not a punishment at all for him, bummer for me cause I liked napping with him. I grew up with outside/inside cats. They can handle it. Dry and out of the wind is about all the shelter they need. That's Jack, or as he prefers to be called, Lord Handsome.
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    Keep it in the car. They can't prohibit that unless it is federal property. Senate Bill 199 in 131st assembly. It impacts a bunch of ORCs.
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    Check out this website for rehoming. https://rehome.adoptapet.com/ I gave up one of my cats to a shelter and she found a home within 2 weeks. I consider that really lucky. The shelter also works with the cat cafe, so that could have become an option. The kid is only 2 and this just became a problem? I would think that he would grow out of annoying the cat soon enough. A swat without claws is a warning. I doubt that the cat would go full claws to the face unless it was being hurt bad. A scratch to the hand might teach the son quick enough and not kill him. Separating the cat from the kid also sounds like a good option. Maybe take time with the kid and a stuffed animal to try to teach him how to play nice with the cat. Then supervise him with the cat to see how it goes. The idea of capping the claws sounds good. Trimming can help. (De-clawing is barbaric--like cutting off fingers at the 1st joints. Messes a cat up and makes them more likely to resort to biting.) Whatever you do, please don't kill the cat. Respectfully, let's call it what it is. Just think of how people at the movies or at a supermarket might feel when a 2-year-old is annoying them! haha You can work through it.
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    Every time I think I'm over riding I sell my bike and about a week later I go FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKK. I'm keeping everything, even if it means it rots in the garage haha. Come January, I might have a LOT more free time.
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    You could try putting claw caps on her. That is, if you really don't want to give her away.
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