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    As crappy as they have turned (for the most part, there are still a few good ones around), unions used to be good because they guaranteed worker's rights and a livable, even decent wage. Now days unions are on the way out because of endless lobbying by corporations because in their ideal world the working class would just be indentured servants, receiving no pay and living in company towns run on company credits... much like the railroad, oil and coal companies used to do in the late 1800's to early 1900's. It wasn't a good time. There is nobody left to fight for worker's rights and uphold standards except for the companies themselves and the US government. Also, not a good time. Do I think people who work hard deserve a wage that lets them not live in their cars with their 4 kids, barely able to afford food let alone other life necessities? Yes. Yes I do. I also believe healthcare is a matter of national security as is education therefore it should fall under the responsibilities of the government to the people along with defense and infrastructure. Probably not popular opinions but that's fine. Accomplishing all this would require a large shift though so I don't really see it happening. I agree that guaranteed outcome is a bad idea so don't lump me in with those red commie bastards, but there is a better way for our country to run, both for its citizens and for industry.
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    Wifey says the door is good now. New spring and cables. Apparently the garage door guy commented on my bike. Her text after: "You would have enjoyed the 5 minute motorcycle discussion more than I did."
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    Got the top box in the mail yesterday. Installed it last night. Now I’m full on old man bike.
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    Mother Mary and Joseph! Sweet baby Jesus! Without going into detail, I can't imagine what sort of hell my life would be had I not been taking laxatives along with the oxy from the start. It's no joke.
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    I have a photo somewhere of my underage cousin in a French Maid outfit with my father grabbing a handful of stuffed bra.
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    I put it safely in the back of my garage so the garage door guy can change the spring today. I would be riding it if I could get the &^%&$(# door open!
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