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    300 mile ride today with Pauly great time thanks again
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    Congrats! I don't run, but if I did... I would run towards a BigMac.
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    So much truck traffic on WV-88 that I almost took a detour and headed back to Ohio. Fortunately, the trucks dispersed before Cameron and then we just sliced and diced our way around the cages for the rest of the day. Left the house around 8:30 and in the driveway at 4:00 on the nose. Not sure how many miles. I didn't feel up to keeping track, but I need a rear tire before I think about a trip to anywhere else. Good to get out and it was good to have a riding buddy. I was undecided about posting my intentions, but am glad I did. The ride was better with company. The Duc ran great and only smells of engine coolant a little bit. I need to get those fancy silicone hoses to replace these terrible stock sweatpipes. Also need a rear tire and an oil change before I take her anywhere out of the state, again. Less than 4k on this set. Dayum! The two evil axis ally bikes cooling down while the motopilots refuel with sandwiches and water in Hundred, WV.
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    Finished my 5k in 26:45. My goal was to be under 30 minutes. I've never ran outside, just on the treadmill, so I was pretty stoked with my results.
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    I'll be at the starfire in cadiz at 10
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    Huh, dont think I've said anything about it being the greatest teaching tool ever. It's fun and cheap. If you have a free weekend from big bike days, it's a great way to spend an afternoon. And when a guy with a mini bike that fits in a class I race in posts a picture in leathers "practicing" I get excited. All of the excuses I've seen so far why not to do it dont really add up. I've offered my bike for free to anyone anytime to come check it out, numerous times. Had complete strangers sleep at my house before events. Met really cool people doing it, same with big bikes man, its all good! We all like bikes, this is just another avenue.
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