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    I ended up running the BRP as far south as the Little Switzerland area. Rode part of 226, too much traffic, got some lunch and headed back north. My back tire is getting near the end of it’s life and didn’t want to chance it. Ran up the BRP to N.C. 221. I forgot what an awesome road it is from the BRP north to Blowing Rock. 15 to 20 miles of nice tight predictable corners! Followed 221 to 16. Ran the Back of the Dragon and I am in Princeton WV for the night. Got a new sticker and t-shirt.
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    I turn 30 on Oct. 15. Would be a fun way to celebrate. Similarly piqued interest.
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    Huh? Didn’t unfriend you so no idea there. Everyone has been up my ass about riding to the gap vs trailering for years and that bike is just not even close to a suitable long distance unit. At least for me. Can it be done? Yes. Do I want to do it? No. Not a thin skin thing, just soooo over discussing it as no one ever listens, they just wanna rag for ragging sake because they ride there and back on what ever sportbike so I should want to on the FZ. I’m old and I’ve broken things. I know when it’s going to rain. I’m becoming very well acquainted with ibuprofen. I can’t even ride a zeroturn for a few hours without walking all hunched over. So if you ride all scrunched up on a cbr or Daytona all the way to the gap, around and back, good for you, makes me wince just thinking about it. If you see a nice cheap 06+ FJR or connie, let me know I don’t think I even know how to unfriend someone on the ‘books.
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    At the Knights Inn in Galax. I am about 10 minutes from the BRP. Going down the BRP tomorrow to the Gap area.
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    Today, 0730 take off. Did a breakfast street ride to Union Street Diner in Athens. 328-56-Diner-56-691-78-216-93-Home just before 10am. I beat the HEAT. I love the breakfast and coffee at this place. Z
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    Tuesday everybody’s mommy called and complained to the superintendent when we had school. So, my school decided they would contribute to raising the softest generation ever in America and cancelled today. I took advantage of their softness and took a ride. 154-170-7-WV2-WV27-WV88-WV250-WV310-WV50 into Maryland. Once I hit Maryland I punched in Home on the GPS. I had to get Home in time to pick up my girls from practice. I rode 550 miles, only bummer was I rode over 200 on the slab. It was cool to hit roads I have never been on and add Maryland as a state I’ve rode in. WV 50 between Grafton and Maryland is a cool road and whatever backwoods road my GPS sent me on to get to 68 definitely had some sweet spots when the road wasn’t all cobble stoned.
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    What's the timeline on the purchase? If my dad doesn't end up wanting it, I've got my 2009 Camry with 80k miles on it I'm planning to sell for $5k. Fits all of those requirements except it would depend on how you feel about a rebuilt title. I've had it for 3 years and 40k miles. Its been the most low maintenance reliable vehicle I've owned but that's probably no shock since I've primarily owned GM vehicles.
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