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    I don't think I will ever be able to say the good religion has brought to the world outweighs the bad. I wouldn't lose any sleep if the Catholic Church came crashing down tomorrow, sadly something different would just pop up to replace it, and probably worse.
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    Customer service with riders discount is unsurpassed. And no you don't need to call. I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from them and never talked to anyone on the phone. Every place has thier own method of operation and customer service and price is @RidersDiscount and they are always the first people I contact.
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    I think Francis is a nice man, but a bad Catholic. While the Catholic church was due for reform, you can't just rewrite dogma without undermining the entire religion. It's very hard to argue that an eternal, all knowing god changed his mind because people's social opinions changes & some of the church's rules became unpopular
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    But that only guarantee's you a t-shirt. Wtf did I do? Sorry. Congrats on the Katoom Todd.
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    you weren't even the first one to guess right. But I'm sure I'll let you turn a session at Mid O anyway
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    Congrats Todd....will be a sweet ride for sure!
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    Never will I own a Harley. Never
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