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    Added a new (to me) exhaust. It’s a scorpion, found it on ebay. Great condition. Also found a used tank Braw. Not very popular these days, but I really like it. The new pipe sound really good. Not very loud at all, but give is a nice low tone growl. Also I keep buying cheap saddle bags from c-list or the Facebook market place. This is the second set of 20$ bags I have found. These were new with tags. Not very impressed. They are smaller than the other ones, and they don’t smash the rear turn singles. They are really cheap. But will give them a shot. These also have rain covers. I keep thinking ill come across a nice used set of Cortech bags or may be SW-Motech bags.
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    So I stop by one of my dyslexic friends house this morning and walked in on him putting black shoe polish on his penis. I yell at him you idiot you are supposed to turn your clocks back.
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    Took the FJR out for a nice WV ride today. Made it over to New River Gorge, and finally rode down to the bottom. Wet leaves can be tricky on switchbacks.
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    Rode the TOT from New Philadelphia east to the Mighty Ohio yesterday. Beautiful day.
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    flagged and taken down... proly a scam
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