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    Got home this morning at 1:30am. My daughter and I rode 740 miles while in the Deals Gap area. We had a blast. Day 1 was 100 miles at Tail and down to Fontana Dam. Day 2 was beautiful weather 350 miles on Tonik's route. We were gone for 11hrs. Day 3 we got a little damp on our way to the Gambler, but it turned out great. The ride on the Gambler was pretty dry and by the time we got to BRP roads were completely dry. We really got into a rhythm as we blasted up 28 on our way back to the Tail and made our way back to the truck to head home. We rode 290 miles in 6.5 hours. My daughter is a champ. She rode more miles in 2.5 days than a lot guys would even think about. She was sad we had to come home.
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    I finally got to see why everyone loves Caffe Rel.
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    Yea, the girl next to me was into it, that's why she was snapping photos.
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    Wife and I took the BRP to Mount Mitchell today and had lunch at the highest point on the east coast together. Loved the scenery, and our maiden voyage on the BRP was a fun success
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    Dinner at the restaurant/grill tonight at 7pm. Pizzas are ordered. See you all out there. Drinks and everything else are on you.
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    Change of plan for me. I hiked about 2 miles down lakeshore trail and it was ok, but not great. The views were ok but the flies kept landing in my eye.... which is weird.... after 4 of these guys I decided it was time to turn around. So now I'm on the Appalachian trail heading to the top of Shuckstack mtn. I'm pretty close to the top and have cell signal. Should reach the top by 1:30 then I've got probably about an hour and a half back down hill. Mostly reporting in here because @timtheazn scared everyone away and I'm alone ...or everyone else came here to ride motrcycles. .. one of those.
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    UPDATE: I wanted to update you that Rep. Goodman as decided to introduce a bill to address this issue. We are currently gathering co-sponsors, and plan to introduce the bill within the next two weeks. Thank you once again for bringing this to our attention. We will keep you informed on the progress of the bill going forward. If you'd like to participate in the process, there will be an opportunity for proponents of the bill to testify in support of it during committee hearings. Sincerely, Brent Rossman Legislative Aide Representative Wesley Goodman Ohio House of Representatives District 87 Rep87@ohiohouse.gov 614.644.6265
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