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    I prefer to keep my feet under my knees, so no cruiser for me.
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    One of the best riding roads in the state has to be the Triple Nickel, State Route 555 in Southeastern Ohio. But one thing that has been sorely missing is a food stop along the way. Soon we'll be able to eat what I expect to be good food at the Triple Nickel Diner in Chesterhill. They will be cooking with local produce and meats raised for them by local farmers, and they know how to cook! There will be an open house on May 28 at 3 PM with food and music, so if you plan on riding that area then stop by to see what its all about. Their grand opening will not be until June 18. They plan to be open Thursdays through Sundays. Here's the link to their web site: http://www.triplenickeldiner.com/
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    I have had B-Fest and lunch at this place. Great food and friendly owners and staff. Great ride destination from all directions.
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    Much better for stumbling back to your cabin.
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    Furthest I've ridden any bike (as an adult) is 21 miles... we'll see how the 30 miles feels and then go from there.
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    I did that ride a few years ago. Lot of fun. Donuts make you want to vomit when riding.
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    I put in 9 miles on the spinbike. Pulled into the garage without hitting my bicycle. That's all I've got. Trying to do a group ride near Nelson ledges 3/4/17. 30 mile all-weather.
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    BEST BIKE FOR YOU!!!1! says so right in the ad!
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    I used Uship for my track bike from NM to OH. Was around $600 in an enclosed trailer. Couldn't tell you the actual shipping company that did it. Overall it was a pleasant experience. Just read the reviews before picking the shipper.
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    Friday was new bike day. Framed Minnesota 3.0 i can't really call installing pedals a modification, but I grabbed standard aluminum platforms with adjustable traction screws. Today I swapped the stock grips for a pair of Ergon GS-1 weight distributing grips. Holy shit. Huge difference. Hands used to go numb within 5-10 miles, if not a lot less. Today I rode 20 miles with minimal numbness, and I don't even have them adjusted properly yet. I think they're angled a tad high. :-)
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