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    Be safe out there tonight. Hope you all have a great new year.
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    No, Zongshen does not participate in MotoGP. And not trying to compare the two companies head to head anyways, that's silly. The NC250 motor in my bike, until a short time ago, was a BIG motor for them. Their market simply doesn't cater to the testosterone fueled whims that ours does. They are working on larger and larger motors now, based upon the great sucess the RX3 has had world wide. Just pointing out (after tring to be clear that I am interested in the forthcoming KTM 390 ADV with the same motor) that the 390 is NOT made in Austria by KTM. And BTW, just like 2017 is KTM's first year in MotoGP, 2017 is Zongshen's first year racing at Dakar in a few weeks. A 5 bike team with three Chinese riders and two French, one who has been on the podium before. His testing went well and he said the bike had great speed and was the lightest most nimble bike in the class by far. 1 pc, 8 gallon tank running down and into the subframe. It uses the NC450 motor (larger version of the one in my bike) . Zongshen has stated that the Rally bike WILL be offered for sale by 2018.
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    Just started riding again after a few years off of bikes. Picked up a Ducati which has always been my dream bike and went with a 2016 Ducati 959 Panigale. I ran into a guy in Hillsboro named OhioBob who told me about the forum. So here we are. Hope to do some riding with some of the members. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ruff Ryders Anthem Brings back some memories....
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    Traded in my 12 year old Altima on a brand new GTI sport today. That's how I beat the winter blahs.
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    Also..."only difference"....does this mean that your Chinese bike company is entering MotoGp next year? KTM is a major OEM with great dealer network and support.
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    Marvel at the 1980's era 5 speed transmission! Frustrate yourself as you try to shift to 6th gear for the fifteenmillionth time! Geeze...this bike is so overdue for modernization.
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    I need to remind myself to stop and take pictures. I rode from Mt Vernon to 715 to Warsaw. We ate lunch and then did some random roads. On the way home we did 60 to 541 and then some random roads to get back to Sunbury. Next year I should at least have a cheapo action cam rolling. On our last ride there was a dog in the middle of the street. One of the guys hit his horn. Scared the dog so bad that he literally took a shit in the middle of the road.
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