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    aren't we all just splitting hairs and definitions here? Of course religion (nearly all of them) has been used to rationalize a billion different horrible acts. I think religions are dangerous because people follow them so blindly, and the founders they hold in such high regard are not around to correct or qualify past statements or writings. Hell, 90% of christianity is 'the inspired word of god.' That's the polite way of saying some dude made it up, and then the church endorsed it as the word of god later. The other 10% is (supposedly) first-hand observations written down by apostles, and then I guess technically the 10 commandments were literally etched in stone by 'god' as he appeared to moses as a burning bush. (totally rational and legit) My knowledge of basic islamic tenants is lacking, but my guess is that allah doesn't have a whole lot to say, and the 'prophet mohamed' got to make up whatever he wanted. When those words were recorded is anybody's guess. God may not be bullshit. I'm not prepared to completely dismiss the possibility of a higher power - but religion is pure and utter shit. Religion is men scaring other men into an ideology using god as a tool of fear. I do not lack faith in 'god,' i lack faith in man. People who place their faith in the wrong men will always be dangerous.
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    ALSO ALL OF THIS.Seriously why is the new thing if you disagree with the ways of whatever the new en vogue thing people are supposed to be tolerant about that you're immediately racist/bigot/phobic?
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