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    Per Red Barron's request here's my "How-to" for LED instalation. I ordered everything on Amazon aside from a toggle switch and priamary wire I picked up from walmart/autozone. The company I prefer to get my LEDs from is HitLights on Amazon, they have a great product at some awesome prices. A side note- when you order your LEDs from where ever you decide make sure they are 12v DC powered so you don't need any kind of inverter and also the weather proof LEDs will be slightly less bright as compared to te non weather proof due to the protective coating they put over them. Here's everything you will probably need for a basic install Yes the Monster is crucial to the sucess of your install The stuff - LED strip connectors - 5 meter strip of LED's of your color choice - 40ft of red/black primary 18ga wire - Electrical tape (you will need a lot of this if you want to hide the wire or you can get some heat shrink and Techflex) - Zip Ties - Crimper for the battery terminal connectors - Toggle switch of your choice MORE PICS! The connectors have a clip that you flip up to reveal the contact points You can keep them as one piece if you want to have a couple wired together but make sure you end up haveing the positive and negative leads right! ***FOR WEATHER PROOF ONLY*** Take a knife and cut through the weather coating so you can get to the contacts ***BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT TO FAR AND CUT THE ACTUAL STRIP*** I did on a couple in this install Now you have positive and negative leads to wire up! Now it's up to you to figure out where you want to put the LEDs and how to run the wires. Just hook them up to the postive and negative on the battery and add a toggle switch on the positive wire. I currently have 2 RF remotes shipping to me to hook up to both of the bikes but they are taking there sweet ass time to get here so I wired up a toggle switch for now.
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    20 years ago I had a fascination with .45 ACP and worked up to a carefully blueprinted Colt Combat Elite. I enjoyed it for a decade until I traded for an Italian Beretta 92FS in stainless. I mostly forgot about 45s for another decade because that awesome Beretta. That changed when last year I saw an XDS45 subcompact while shopping for deep concealment pistols. I was impressed by its specs and stellar reviews, but opted for a 2nd-gen LCP as a go-anywhere CHL gun and am delighted I made the choice at the time. One can carry an LCP damned near anywhere. Still, it got me thinking about getting back into .45s for that big, thumpy boom. I did a bunch of research and thought for sure I'd land on an XDS45 or a Glock 30S. For giggles, I went to the Westland Mall gun show yesterday, handled a LOT of guns and what do you know, a new 2nd-gen Sig P250 sub-compact chambered in .45ACP followed me home. Heck, even got it for the same money I paid for my LCP. So, why the Sig P250sc .45? I handled the Springfield XDS45 first and appreciated the form factor and features, but my hand couldn't get used to its grip. Too long-and-narrow and the serrations tended to bite when squeezing tightly. I just didn't bond with the gun no matter how much I wanted to. Then I labored over a used Glock 30S with 4 magazines and a box of target ammo for $425. That's a great deal - it is a Glock after all - but the top-back of its grip curves in a way that prevents me from holding the gun fully in the seat of my palm, which I know from experience decreases accuracy. I really wanted to connect with this one but it just wouldn't happen. The Sig P250 .45 sub-compact felt right the moment I held it. Its grip size and stippling are perfect for my hands. I like that there are no external safeties. The edges are rounded for smoother draw. I like the double-action-only trigger. Magazines eject with some speed for quick reloads, and they're made in Italy out of steel, not plastic. The gun is dead-simple to break down, clean and reassemble. It uses a true DAO hammer, so you can double-strike if necessary. The 3-dot sights are big, bright and adjustable for windage. Made in Exeter NH except for the mag. Several frame and caliber conversion kits are available. The whole gun feels typical-Sig, i.e. well-designed and built, and I'm really looking forward to hitting the range. Negatives? The first generation had serious problems which sullied its reputation and rejected it from multiple government contracts. By all accounts the 2nd gen fully resolved those issues, but reputational damage had already been done. That also resulted in fewer accessory options, and my frame doesn't have a picatiny rail, so I'd need to order a $40 frame swap to install a light or laser. Still, it's about as small and "light" anyone could make a 6+1 .45 auto into. I plan to get a tuckable IWB holster for the option to carry concealed - it's certainly easier to pack than my 92FS when I want more juice than a .380. Anyone else here have one?
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    Is it OK if I point out that you guys are debating the Cleveland shooting in the Michael Brown thread? I agree that the kid (Tamir Rice) shouldn't have been shot for his actions shown on the video….Michael Brown, on the other hand, probably caused his own death. I still say that the REAL trigger of what appears to be an overly quick shooting was as a direct result of the driver-cop's actions. If he hadn't pulled up with his partner's door less than 10 feet from a reported 'kid with a gun' the shooter wouldn't have had to make a snap decision. If the car had been stopped further back and angled in a position where the passenger door could have been used as a shield, there would have been additional time for the shooter to assess the situation and take a defensive position. In this case, it appears to me both of the officers were incompetent….at best.
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    I bet we could run the story on car salesmen, truck drivers, UAW factory workers, etc.... "Worldwide, 40 temporary Santas have committed Suicide since early 2011".
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    Ive never had a straight razor but I use a safety razor and follow a similar procedure.. I Shower then lather up with a hot lather. then shave with the grain lather again, then against. need to get some after shave balm though that would be awesome..
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    From the "OR King of facial hair"?
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    I got the stripped lower just because Brownells had the Bushmaster ones on sale for $49.99. They are First's, not blems. I had an AR years ago that didn't run worth a darn and can't say I even really like the AR platform but I guess now is time to build one while prices are cheap. So far I have the following parts either at home of waiting to deliver; Bushmaster xm-15 lower Bushmaster V-Match upper Bushmaster BCG Magpul STR Stock Magpul MOE grip and trigger bow. Palmetto state lower complete parts kit, w/trigger and buffer tube. Palmetto state ambi charging handle. Still need a barrel, gas system, front handguard and sights. Probably some extras here and there but it's getting close. Here is the one I had years ago that didn't work right.
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    My Dad crashed a malfunctioning F6F-5N offshore in Hawaii, a couple of years after the attack. He wants to go to the memorial, but he's never going to make it there. I've said it before. If you get a chance to talk with a WW2 veteran, do it now.
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