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    You asked for it. My good friend just lost his 2 year battle to cancer on Friday. He was my shoulder to cry on and support when I found out that I had cancer at the age of 19. Yesterday was his funeral. Our other mutal friend is trying to deal with getting breast cancer for the 3rd time. She is 33. She was going to try and make it up for the funeral when she found out that her twin sister died of breast cancer and was 6 months pregnant. She had to go over to Germany to pick up the ashes. The sister left her other daughter (less than a year old) to my friend. She had already signed the paper work and was on a flight over to pick her up when she found out the little girl died during open heart surgery.
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    Idk, don't think that's what this product is designed for....if you have a persistent itching sensation in your ass I suggest you a: wipe more thoroughly. B: check for anal fissures/other signs of rectal trauma. Or c: get checked for herpes or genital warts.
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    It started and was over in a few seconds. This wasn't an ongoing thing. He arrived at my back bumper, hovered for a second then passed. I had been in that lane only a few seconds, and he (half) joined the lane at the same time that I did - he just was traveling faster than me at the time he joined the lane. I didn't have the option to move right because by the time he reached the half-way-in-the-lane point he immediately departed the lane and began his pass. He was never fully in the left lane behind me. I wish I had a rear camera running. Gonna put one in now, I guess. His insurance just called and accepted liability. Car's booked in for tomorrow at the body shop.
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    Surround house with treadmills. /zombieproof /thread
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    While I agree that you were keeping up with traffic, the far left lane is not for cruising at highway speed, it's for passing slower traffic. You had a clear lane to your right, and faster traffic behind you. You could have moved to the immediate lane to your right. I wasn't there, so I don't know what was in that lane. I'm making that assumption based on your video. With that said, that dumbass, who was probably pissed you were camping in the left lane, merged into your lane at his front of his rear door on his crew cab. His dumbass fault. He either has really, really bad depth perception, or it was retalitory. He was probably cited for unassured clear distance. Again, his fault not yours. I would imagine, that he expected you to brake when he began to merge. It does not look like you reduced speed or braked until you were clear of his truck at about the the 6.5 second mark of your video.That being said, accidents happen fast, and reaction times vary. I do not fault you for that. It does not look like you sped up either, with malicious intent.
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    Scruit, my neck and back would NEVER heal from that. You almost flipped him. Damn near perfect pit maneuver. He would have spun big time if not for the wall. What a fucking dick. That right there is why I drive back roads 99% of the time, even if it takes twice as long. I don't need that shit.
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    Hell I didn't even know you sold it. All you needed was a three step ladder and you would have been good.
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    land with woods, build a Shouse (shop/house), keep toys in shouse, live life.
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    You were obviously watching him, based on your detailed descriptions of when he changed lanes to get behind you, how long he stayed there, how far away he was, and when he started to pass you. You probably could've avoided this "accident" if you'd wanted to, but he cut it too close and he picked the wrong person to try and bully. He wanted to be a dick and cut you off, and you wanted to be a dick and fight for your spot in the left lane and not let him get by. Whatever, he got what he deserved and one day you will too. We all will.
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