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    I think some people need a copy of this book: http://tinyurl.com/ntqcf3k
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    August 25th my dad is going to try and have another poker run. Just feeling it out to see who would be interested in joining, may set up two routes, one for sporties and one for cruisers. It's $20 per person or $25 for 2upz. I'm just looking to see how many people may attend before officially setting things up. Let me know yes or no.
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    Not a great starter bike, it is a great bike PERIOD!!!! Guaruntee many riders can emabarass other riders on more fast and powerful machines, those SV's are popular track bikes for a reason. Man I would love to have that, love the Yellow too. GLWS
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    again, if ALL you do with a PC is gaming, then absolutely makes no sense unless you do an extreme budget build, buy used, etc. a low end system will still push out the same shitty graphics as console. if you're like the rest of the world, where your pc does a lot of other things like act as a home media server, you use it for home office, porn server, etc etc etc, i am right, you are wrong, i are winrar
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    Looks like a blast right up to the end!
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    I'm digging this theme: http://www.themetent.com/themes/firebox Thoughts?
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    I have quite a few projects left on the cafe, but I have two big ones that are left undecided and I want your thoughts. First is the intake manifold - it is a popular conversion to go from two carbs on the Virago to one carb using a custom intake manifold. Some guys on the Virago forums are making their own - pretty simple construction, but they are also available as a cast aluminum piece from KJS... for $600. That's about what I paid for the bike - yikes! Build my own, or shell out the $$$? The other big unknown is my front wheel - do I use the Virago front wheel (18") or the Virago rear wheel (16")? If I use the front wheel, it would look a bit skinny (widest tire I could run would be a 100) in my fat front end. A lot of guys are using the rear wheel up front to give a fatter stance (I'd run a 120 in the front and a 130 in the rear). Either way, I'd have to have some spacers made up - and if I used the rear, I'd have to turn some of the wheel down. I'm not terribly concerned with the plusses and minusses from a steering and handling standpoint - I know it won't be unsafe, and I'm not looking to race this bike, despite the "cafe racer" name. Thoughts? Also just throwing it out there, kind of wishy washy about the rear brake - have a setup from a 1982 XJ1100 - bolt on, but the rotor is huge. Thinking I may want to use something newer? Thanks for your thoughts!
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    Been riding cruisers all my life. Never crashed, unlike some of the hypocritical folks here that have there very own crash threads.
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