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    We are all 1% in terms of the world economy. Even the poorest of our poor are 1%'ers compared to the worlds poor. Stop fucking whining and give more of your money to those people if you think the 'rich' should pay their fair share. In the meantime, Washington does not have an income problem. It has a spending problem. Anyone that does not realize that is a fucking retard. FFS the big tax increase we had in January was spent on ONE bill already. A whole year of that increase on one f'ing bill.
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    If you don't want to be here, nobody is forcing you. On your original note, the whole helping each other out, going for rides, etc "club" thing, that's kind of what we do already. This is a group of (generally) really good people who help each other, ride together, have social events, etc. I'm sure if you calm down and stick around you'll see that... or you can keep talking trash and I'm sure everyone will just make fun of you. Good luck.
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    Wow. Whole bunch of homos up in here u motherfuckers talk about goin on group rides an shit but I'm basically sayin same thing? I don't ride with dick ridin faggots anyway. I guess sum y'all scared to get rode circles around or sumthin or ain't got shit to do except talk gay shit. No wonder I didn't get on this site before. There's a common bond bikers sposed to have to look out for one another I guess most u bitches don't recognize that shit. Bunch of midgets fags and fakes. I heard afj will take y'all in Suck a dick bitches big talk on Internet but streets are where your big mouths count Fuckin pussies someone kick me off this site. U loud mouths remind me of cops all talk no balls Talk shit about tryin to get sum riders together to actually ride instead of talk good deal this is all I need to know bout this site my bitch would ride circles round u loud mouths. Bitch made I think secretly u all ride buelle blasts afraid to get your tires warm. God dam I hate Internet warriors
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    There is hope for this world after all.
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