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    When can I delete your account here?
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    maybe it's just me but I don't think anyone that calls a magazine a clip has enough knowledge to argue gun safety with Scruit or anyone else for that matter.
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    The pistol rounds won't make it out of the safe. Even if they do they'll speed off into an empty field. Plus I don't want to have to rack/load and unload every time I touch them (putting them on for CCW etc). The less handling, the safer. The shotgun is mounted in a quick-release mount facing upwards on the top floor - no risk there. I'm actually going to remove the round from the chamber of my AR - it's the only firearm with the power to shoot through it's own safe, and for that bullet to be travelling in a dangerous direction. If I can't get it done with 30 rounds of 5.56 then I don't think the extra one will help much.
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    Wasn't that how the "points" system came into existence?
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    Depends in where I am at the time. If I'm watching TV in my den and someone starts to kick in my door then the basement safe is closer and quicker to get to than the bedroom safe and I can get to it without being visible from the door. I keep them in a safe because I have a child, so leaving loaded guns around the house is baaad, m'kay? I can access each safe in just a few seconds, all keypads. Not gonna make a stand in the basement - no other way out. Plus there's no way to be sure my family will all be close enough to "gather" before the BG gets in, so my wife is trained in gun handling and shooting too. No matter where we are, we're always closer to a loaded gun than anyone who tries to kick the door is is to us.
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    This quad has probably had more showers than MP.
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    Might be the best one yet. I called the store and made sure the person that packaged it got rep'd!!! I asked for grandma getting ran over by a reindeer.... FUCKING EPIC!
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    I have had nothing but good things come from shopping at Pony. Derek always treats us right
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