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    all the good roads are down here in the south. this for hours....
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    Nah, he's the mach retard wing flapper. He's made sure to remind us in every thread he's posted in so far that he used to have that other profile. Clearly looking for attention, and you gave it to him. Now you've brought me down with you. Shame on us. 🖕🏻
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    Ah, if I had been paying attention, he could have stopped here in cinci for the night if he's coming this way. I would have given him a warm bed and hot meal.
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    Breakfast in Bremen and a little mild 150 Mi. of back road bonanza. Dust was at a minimum and only one flooded section of a township road. We stayed in the forest for the most part enjoying the overhead canopy and wet gravel. We kept a medium pace and no mishaps. Majority of the area covered WNF, Zaleski and Hocking/Perry county. Great time was had by all. Short clip of the roads.
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    Rolling here in a bit. Taking the scenic route. You all may finally see the elusive unicorn. Momma bear riding her own hog. To this point I think most of you must believe it to be a urban legend.
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    I care. Personally, I'd rather see that new bike of yours. Although chauffeuring Derek around again in the Tesla would be fun too...
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    Harbor Freight. I think it was about $179. I keep my trailer and a bunch of other stuff in there. I think they have a smaller one for a little less that might work well for a bike.
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    I keep my trailer in the garage too. Mainly because its a harbor fright trailer and the elements would not be kind to it all. I engineered a winch and a couple of pulleys to lean mine against the wall out of the way and keep space clear for other stuff.
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