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    I got to Baltic and turned around due to a very high level of frustration. I was not having a good ride. I was making time, but something just didn't feel right. I wasn't settled inside like riding usually makes me. I was busy thinking of other things and made a couple dumb errors. Minor, but potentially significant brain farts. That all coupled with my bike doing its tourette's dance, I just wasn't enjoying myself, so I decided to go motorcycle shopping instead. Luckily the dealership decided to offer the most egregious sales experience of my life and I did not ride away on something new. So, I am pleased to hear the ride went well. Sorry I missed the day, but I wasn't firing on all four today. I made a judgment call and am satisfied it was the right decision. Catch you guys next time.
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    I will give you 10 bucks to stiff Tim and sell the bag to the midget.
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    I posted the food on craigslist and the OR discount is no pic.
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    I love riding during the week, no traffic! I ran down to Hocking hills for a ride today. Took 33 south out of Lancaster, jumped on the north end of 374. 374 is a nice road, without the traffic. Ended up on 328, 664, Ilesboro and 93. The was some gravel on the roads from the rains. Overall it was a nice ride.
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    How come e'ry time I haul my ass to Franklin, that French-fried fuck is closed?
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    Wife and I have camped often at Salt Fork and Mohican state parks. Nice, secluded sites, plenty to do nearby. There's great kayaking on the Mohican River in Loudonville, and lots of great places to eat nearby. The roads are in pristine conditions if you choose to ride to either one of these parks.
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    OR the video game on sale. https://store.steampowered.com/app/300380/Road_Redemption/
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    I as well will take the bag, I can have Tim pick it up for me if you choose not to sell it to him.
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    FYI, from the east you can cross the OH by bridge on 62 at Aberdeen, or take the ferry to Augusta--nice little diversion. Then head west to pick up 10 to Powersville.
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    I'm interested in this too. More specifically a good route from Ironton, OH to Elkhorn City, KY. Staying off of 23 and 119 as much as possible.
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