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    You, Tracy and SherBear?
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    I made the best of the crap weather I was dealt for my weekend, and rode 502 miles of West Virginia (and Maryland!) mountain roads. Only got about 30 minutes worth of rain the entire day.
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    I don't even let my kids put shit in my driveway.
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    That's easy even at 2:30am. Two of my bikes next to my 87 Buick GN. How about a picture of your bike on/in front of a bridge.
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    Our buddy Milo came over and led the dinner preparation. Damn good. Only ate one between the three of us. Froze the bigger one for later.
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    Home. 570 miles. Had the police called on us in Fairmont, but we ignored them and they went away. You would think peeing behind the building was acceptable in WV.
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    Side by side before and after....
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    The math isn't that hard.
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    Everyone needs a sammich and a hug. Seriously, do I have to die before it stops? Do my friends who are police officers? my uncle who is retired police? My dad who was an MP? One way to prevent police brutality, don't break the law. When you do shut up, get a lawyer, and fight legally not physically. I know it is much deeper, but it will never stop, you give them a dollar they want 2, you give them 2, they ask why not 4. I am off to the kitchen...
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    The fraulien is getting new shoes then all ready to tear up some Appalachian curves.
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    I just don’t get this double standard. For whatever reason that cop lost his shit and some poor fella died in handcuffs. Should never happen. Courts will decide what he’s guilty of but he should be held responsible for his actions. I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to look the other way or make excuses for those hundreds of people who also lost there shit and loot business, vandalize, set fires and all such shit. They should also be held accountable for there actions as well. Yes it would be great if cops that see bad actions by other officers would report them. But does anyone expect the guy dragging a Tv, Xbox, and a bag of dog food out of target to report the guy in front of him that cleaned out the jewelry counter. I just don’t get it. It’s like justifying burning down my neighbors house because I’m pissed off at my brother in law. Makes no sense to me.
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    Did you start smashing windows when you wanted to wear earplugs on a motorcycle? I'm no fan of the police, but I guarantee 99% of the protesters have never had their throat stepped on by a cop. Certainly not in Fort Lame Indiana. Just angry mental neanderthals that want to break things for no reason. Want to send a message? Grow a pair and go smash up the police station. I'd like to see how that works out for ya though... An actual solution? Put someone in charge that will actually do something about bad cops and good ol boys. Oh wait, unions....
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    I don't understand why these two things have to go hand in hand. The cop was clearly in the wrong from the evidence presented so far, and he's been arrested and charged with murder. What more do they want? And it's not a fair statement that cops never get locked up, it's been happening way more frequently. That aside, how does trashing the city solve any problems? What more do people want? Nothing. They just want anarchy. They wanna cause havoc and do all the things they see on TV that they normally cannot get away with. Half those people probably don't give a damn about George Floyd, they just want free shoes and xboxs and the street credit to tell their buddies they torched a cop car. This whole movement would have more credibility to me if there wasn't countless small business owners who are entirely innocent, having their lives and businesses ruined by these people. Even black store owners are being looted. They're committing crimes against other black people while protesting about crimes against black people. That 7hr video also has a section where people start shooting guns at a random car driving by. Let's protest by trying to kill white people. Good idea. And fuck any of you who think this shit is okay. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Is there a problem that needs fixed? Yes. Is this the way to do it? We'll see, but I'm guessing no. Why not ACTUALLY protest peacefully and try to build a movement and get people on your side? Destroying the city and wasting gov money seems like the opposite way to push for "equality" even though I don't believe that's what any of these protestors want.
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    Ah! Vintage electrical issues. A common problem from the era is the coil wires. The copper is green under the insulation and has more resistance than it should. When you have 2 ohms of resistance in the coils themselves an extra ohm or two will give all kinds of strange issues. Won't idle, breaks up at high rev's, stalls, sputters, etc. The plugs will be the giveaway, dark, sooty even wet, depending on when you check them. They should be a nice brown/gray at the tips. Hope this helps.
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    I yanked the cover to snap a few current pics. Bike will be going back on CT & CL this weekend. 100% ready to ride.
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    They were murdering Katie's veggies. Had to go. I'm eating them tonight.
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    Challenge accepted.
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    Last week I rode with five friends that have been to Blue Ridge Parkway many times and had created a route with what they deemed the top roads they had ridden. Due to Covid 19 the roads were empty along with the hotels. There were approximately 10 people at each hotel. We rode 60+ miles on the BRP and only passed four vehicles. The trip was outstanding, we had a light drizzle Thursday morning, by noon the roads were dry. Temperatures were in the 70's every afternoon. The road I really enjoyed was the Back Of The Dragon, great twisties, very little traffic and the road was in great shape. Four of us bought the new Sena 50's hoping to improve our communication systems. I have owned Sena 10 and 20' models, they were OK, but there were many pairing issues, reconnecting problems when people were out of range and rejoined, sound quality with static and wind noise. If you had more than two people connected the communication sound quality dropped off with each unit connected. The music sound quality was pretty good when not using the Sena's for communication, when listening to music when someone would talk the sound was either to loud to hear voices or the volume was almost off. It was either communicate of listen to music. Sena did a great job on the 50 series, the Mesh 2.0 is a game changer! To connect you simple push the mesh button, it opens the mesh system and everyone is connected. Once we had the setting levels correct, we could listen to music at the volume we wanted and if someone spoke the music continued to play at the same level and voice was clearly in the background. There was no static or wind noise. When I finally left the group I could barely tell the difference in the music clarity once the communication connection was off. The range in Mesh mode was around one mile with great clarity. We didn't check, but the Mesh technology is supposed to work like a daisy chain and if each unit is a mile apart there can be five miles with units in between. Listening to music at the same volume the entire ride while communicating was a huge advantage of the Sena 50.
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    Loaded mine up for GA this weekend.
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    Suppressed 22 is significantly stealthier
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    well I am officially out, moved to NC yesterday night. Give it couple more days and Ohio weather Will soon become outstanding. NC is expected to have hurricanes or something starting in few days dont forget guys, in few months towards fall may be, when things look like it’s normalizing let’s do a WV/ VA Marion weekend get together. Hopefully by then I would have memorized all the great loops in that area just like in Ohio
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    Got new shoes on the bike today. Went to Krol Cycle in Garfield heights. $35 per wheel OTD. completed while I waited. Summoned my inner hillbilly to get the wheels off without a set of bike stands. Looking forward to some fresh tires.
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    This thread needs to die. Coronavirus was so last month. Is it still even a thing? I thought the rioting cured the Rona.
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    A picture from my weekend in North Carolina!
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    I'm gonna wash my bike, ride it downtown and loot some shit. Gonna get mine, f' it.
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    Because I'm good guy, I'll let you leave it in my garage to avoid the temptation. You might as well leave the keys also.
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    I ended up running to Iron Pony this morning since I live right around the corner. I was able to find a youth helmet, and women's jacket and gloves for the kids. The jacket and gloves are a bit large, but they'll be able to grow into it. I bought fairly cheap stuff on clearance. I got the helmet, jacket and gloves for just under $100. I'd like to go back with the taller kid to see if I can fit her into some offroad dirtbike over pant with pads since they seem to have youth sizes. As for boots, I'll try to find an alternative since they both have different shoe sizes. Fortunately, right now, they both have the same head size, so they helmet is a solid fit.
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    Pot..... Kettle?
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    @Tonik your Tesla is trying to help you replace what you lost.
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    My oldest daughter, Tory and I put down 425 miles today in about 8.5hrs. We had some fun running down a youngster riding a Yamaha naked bike on 170. Then we made our way to Hundred, WV. Along the way we made a couple college visits. WV250 was in decent shape. WV7 was great. We ran OH7 to 556 to 145 to 148 to 9. We had very little traffic on the whole run. The run up 9 was the cleanest run I think I’ve ever had up or down that road. One last photo.
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    Road yesterday with the Commander. Today, Annual service on the bug out generators. The V-Strom Brake/Clutch Fluids replaced. R/Pads also. Tires in progress, Can't make up my mind(B.Stones 90/10's) (Metzlar 80/10)(Mitas 50/50) Hate it when this happens.
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    Yup probably did. Made a stop at the bucket then proceeded down to Beverly then Coolville.
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    Officially christened. This is a spot that I've literally taken hundreds of shots of my bikes over the years. In New Concord now getting gas. She's running awesome nothing has fallen or or loose. Not bad considering 5 days ago she was a skeleton.
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    Can't help it if we're in advanced math and those other commie bastards had to dumb it down for themselves 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch.
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    The tree is the punchline, Einstein.
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    You know the Corona shit is getting real when Mags is back!
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    This one goes out to Tonik
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    I think I feel dumber for reading this comment.
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    Score: Public education = 1 Spelling Nazis = 0
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    Riding is 100% ok per Ohio's social distancing guidelines.
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    What, so he got sent home mid-ride?
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