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    The modern, “aggressive” infusion treatments are pretty impressive for a lot of people. That’s what i’m Hoping to start in the next few weeks. I hate IVs and pass out frequently with blood work, etc. I have 5 IVs in 8 days last week. I chose this treatment plan, in part, because infusions are twice a year. its not cheap, but my girlfriend has already insisted that we not even consider the cost, when quality of life is at stake. Turns out that i chose a pretty good insurance plan. Total out of pocket for me after 10(?) appointments, including an ER visit, CT scan, and MRI is stil well under $300. Obviously the drugs could balloon that to my out of pocket max REAL quick, but even that’s totally acceptable to stay active. I have 5 kids who think i’m Invincible. Planning to maintain that illusion for as long as possible. 💪🏻
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    so it may have been my fault. they assured me nothing changes with the software updates they just add new bikes to it. so he walked me through it. I thought i had my kill switch in the run position. on the new R1 the kill switch is also the starter button. it has off, run and push it to start. I thought it it didn't matter which position it was in so the code 50 was because of that. once I got that figured out another code came up for the exup servo. on the new R1 you cannot access any of the menus unless you clear the codes. so thank god I never threw out my servo motor. I had to take some of the bike apart to get to the wiring i tucked up. once plugged in and erased the bike flashed normally. I really thought it was fucked up. it would be nice if woolich opened up their forums. this could have been posted and saved others a headache if they did this little oversight of the kill switch on the R1.
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    This is fantastic. Mike DeWine was visibly and audibly pissed yesterday about the FDA dragging its feet in approving Battell's life-saving technology. This DOES make me proud.
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    Wow.. your approach to this entire ordeal is incredibly brave and humble. You have all of my respect (if that means anything?). Attitude and perspective make all the difference. You are one seriously hardcore mother fucker, Chris.
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    Sorry to hear. A friend of mine said the swank diet saved him and has helped him manage his MS. He was at the point of needing a wheelchair when he started the diet. He was also in his 50s when it all started and is still working in machining. http://www.swankmsdiet.org/the-diet
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    16k miles. New Angel ST tires. Ducati Performance tank bag. Ducati Performance panniers. CRG mirror (I have the OEM mirrors). BangFab aluminum rear rack.
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    I will believe it when I read it on the AP Wire.
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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and the mrs.
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    The US and South Korea found their first case of Corona on the same day. South Korea has tested 270k people for Corona, about 5200 per million. We have done 74 tests per million. It is very much under control on South Korea without a ton of closings and sheltering. Thanks Trump.
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