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    It’s been my experience that posted warnings exist for a reason and generally they are posted as a result of an action that all of us usually wonder what dipshit would’ve done that. Well in this case at least we’re not left to wonder...... 😂
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    Installed a new tail bag on the MT in preparation for the gap trip. It's a sport touring bike........right?
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    Do you prefer large or small caliber?
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    Got home after work, it was 6:30, 58 degrees. I had to take the bike out for a spin. Did a short 30 mile loop of nothing but twisties. Didn't have my stich at the house, so I wore my new leather suit. It was surprisingly comfortable. This bike is just insane. Gonna take some time to get used to how much easier it is to flick around compared to the FJR.
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    This weekend is the first round in the OMRL Race Series! Should be an excellent weekend, practice today, racing tomorrow. As always, I have two bikes and if you want to check it out and run a few laps, you can take my bike out or if you want to race we can work it out. No cost other than your race license ($10-40), your first race with the club is free! I'll be at Circleville Raceway Park around noon with some other OR members to practice and make sure I can still fit into my leathers... Come out and say hey. These bikes are indestructible and I don't mind watching it skid across the track if the rear lets loose from all that powa! Real friendly atmosphere, everyone is on the same page and willing to help folks get their bikes sorted and ready to race. https://youtu.be/VUjXPyei1J4
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    Thanks @DerekClouser for bringing some buddies out to take pics and video. Yup, that's my first glorious crash of the season as the thumbnail! haha
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    Well, I poured gasoline into the (rather large) gas tank, pulled in the clutch, made sure the choke (remember those) was on and thumbed the starter fired right up. Thanks Pauly for being there and thanks Ed for everything. Now the fun starts C4E02C6C-9CB4-4F02-92A5-3C68AC574A96.3gp
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    Everyone join me in wishing little dude an awesome weekend of racing!
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    Always said there was one thing missing to make my connie a truely perfect bike. Thanks to @JustinNck1 for giving me the connection on a half priced unit. All wired up and plumbed in just waitingfor a coil pulse adapter to come in the mail. Got about $110 invested in it.
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    Interview went really well yesterday! They already contacted my references, and now it is just waiting to see if they can come up with enough of a $$$ to keep my wife happy. Keep the positive vibes going!
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    Race 1, Blew an engine Race 2, Blew an engine A what can go wrong will go wrong weekend for sure. Started out with the Attack hauler breaking down in Trees LA so Josh and Gavin were both at the track without bikes. Plan B, Attack rented a pick up and got Gavins stuff to us since we had our support trailer there and could get by. Bike showed up with about 10 minutes to spare for tech. All good we can work with that. Got everything ready and made warm up and Q1. First time on bike so he had to feel it out but he did good. Now we're into Sat, Race 1 engine blows. However we arent the only Graves bike to blow a motor, hummmm! Graves has us pull it and they give us another so all good we think. Swap done and back to hotel for rest. Sun comes, Race 2 and boom another engine when hes in 3rd grrrrr. But wait, not the only Graves motor issue again. Huuummm again. Chuck assures us he knows whats going on and will have it addressed and a good engine by VIR so we shall see. Also a rules change is supposed to be in effect by VIR to address the Ninja 400 and RC390 issue. They both have over a 10hp advantage and a 10+ mph advantage on the R3 by the rules and MotoAmerica says it will be corrected. Again we shall see. The big show however was Josh. His crew was there with us and he had his street bike in the back of his F150 so in typical Josh Herrin style he says Im racing my street bike. They unload it and work till midnight Fri night borrowing and spray painting plastic from WERA guys and basically turn his bone stock R1s into a track day bike and he raced it in Superbike. He put on one hell of a show and really showed everyone, esp on Sun that all the money dumped into a factory superbike still has nothing on him he ran a bone stock 2 year old bike in superbike and was top 10 on Sat and was top 3 on Sun till his clutch let go. If you didnt watch that race you should. We'll be back at VIR and hopefully all sorted out!
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    I have been waiting for 2+ years on a job to be opened, and today the opening has been posted! took me all of 15 minutes to get the application completed and resume uploaded.... It is taking all my willpower to not get my hopes up.....Hence telling this group of miscreants! If I get it, I can go back to posting Pr0n for those long Ohio winter/springs!
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    Last day at work. after 11 years at this job. Spent some time saying adios via emails to Suppliers and Mfgs that I have worked closely with and thanked the for their support. Burning no bridges. One Supplier in Chicago has already offered me a job upon my safe return. Wonders never cease some friends from current and past work are throwing some drinks my way tomorrow after work. Anyone from OR in the Solon area tomorrow from 5pm on, stop by and say hey and have a beer. Place called the Annex on Pettibone Rd in Solon
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    I'll fuckin fight you old man.
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    You kick the door open like a man and then the muzzle will supply its own light source. Get with the program.
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    I'm the culprit. I was going to park over by your car on Easter to stay out of the way. I about got stuck and forgot to tell you. Regarding home defense, many experts will tell you a 20 gauge pump action shot loaded with 000 is the way to go. Lethal, good spread, easy to aim, less recoil than a 12 gauge so repeated shots are easier.
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    Thanks Pauly for the help today. Hard to spend this kind of cash and then take cutoff wheels to it
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    Thank you. We are proud for sure and feel so much younger and better. Yea the looks thing isn't going to get any better that's why my favorite past time requires wearing the helmet.
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    Got about 4800 photos this weekend. A lot of Jacob and Andy... here are just a select few.
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    i say to each their own.. but i find it mind blowing that people are willing to put a $100 helmet on their head..
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    Decided to start it to make sure it still runs. Then I rode it for a bit to make sure I can still pilot. Affitmative on both counts.
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    A fidget spinner butt plug?
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    They use damn nice boxes to ship you your stuff.
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    Since today is technically winter because of snow I'll contribute to this (what should be) winter thread. The difference is there is no difference. They are all assholes out for themselves. Tadaaa Also lizard people, the earth is flat and god is real.
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    I say golf umbrella. A very large, colorful golf umbrella.
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    Finally got my quick shifter installed......and it's been pouring all day.
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    Just about finished prepping my little Wr250r for long distance adventure. Gonna live off her for almost 3 weeks this summer. Flatland skidplate Flatland radiator guard Sandman case saver and sprocket guard. Sandman chain guard. Custom top rear aluminum mount plate Brittania Lynx fairing with smoke screen Switched 12v cigarette power outlet. Zumo 550 GPS GoRace shock rebuild with 18% spring rate increase. Forks raised 0.5 inch. D606 tires front and rear.(To be mounted) Heavy duty innertubes IMS 3.1 Gal tank. Zeta clutch and brake levers Aftermarket wide Billet foot rests Renthal hi bars BikeMaster Heated grips Seat Concepts full seat. Moto Racks pannier mounts Nelson Rigg pannier soft bags.( Not shown) Pelican top case wolfman tankbag Tusk tire repair fender kit (not shown) Iwyw tail light kit Doubletake Enduro mirrors. Fork SealSavers
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    Didn't work on the bikes today but I got my garage claimed back from winter storage. We have a car that we don't drive in the winter but the wife likes to park her old car in the garage during the winter so she doesn't have to clear the snow from it. Well the old work car got booted to the driveway today reclaim my garage space. Ready to do some wrenching starting tomorrow on the bike.
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    Thanks for getting this set up for us Ben. We’re up early and in our last minute scramble to get everything ready and double checked before we head south. We as in the crew. Gavin is already in GA. He’s basically been living with Josh Herrin for the last 2 months training and we just go visit him there to check on him lol. That brings me to the big news though that we’ve kept quite on till everything was final. Everyone should already know about the Attack Herrin Compound deal but the other part of that is Josh also talked Attack into a support program for a 300 along with the SuperBike program and we got picked. This is huge for us as we will now be in the front row of the paddock under the canopy of a SuperBike team and the racing and bike knowledge Richard Stamboli brings with him is second to none. On top of that we also got a support program from Graves and will be on a Graves built R3. With this deal we have Attack, Herrin, Hayes and Graves behind us and an amazingly talented rider on the bike. Ben has talked with us as well and also happy to announce Ohio Riders will also be on the bike and listed as a sponsor this season! Ben is providing us this social platform to spread the news and reach our to a new fan base. We are also going to be doing grass roots type fund raising. Racing is expensive and until one reaches the top it’s never a fully funded ride. We have a team PayPal account set up and a debit card from the account that is used solely for race expenses. We have a couple sponsors that deposit directly to that before each round but we need more. What I’m looking at doing solely for our OhioRider base is ticket and gear giveaways. Ive not figured out the best way to do that yet and any input is appreciated. My initial thought is random drawing before each round of everyone that has donated for like a Shirt/Hat/Poster and several times thru the season a pair of passes to round of your choice to the biggest donor that would also include a tour of the Attack Hauler and a meet greet with Josh and Gavin. If anyone has a better option or idea feel free to let me know. I want it to be fair and also raise funds in a way that everyone feels part of it. Also my intention is to bring Gavin to any ORDN shindigs that happen when we are in town. Let me know thoughts and ideas on fund raising and giveaways. I’ll try to keep this updated too with pics and news as season progresses. Our team PayPal for anyone wishing to help is AnthonyAttackHCRacing@gmail.com please do it as gift/friends family to avoid fees and include your screen name in the notes section if I don’t personally know you so I can make sure I have everyone accounted for in the drawings!
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    I had to google it to see wtf you were even talking about..
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    All on line, except for a few exceptions. Like an accommodation for a special needs child, or a really poor district that has no computers. But those exceptions are rare. That refers to the state tests, there are a boatload of other mandatory tests. Reading tests for incoming kids for example. English second language students. The ACT's are now mandatory for all children. Except for the last month and a half of the school year there is mandatory testing going on every month somewhere in the district...often every day of the month. At the high school we have a week where only part of the kids come in each day....massive testing for them...then the next day another wave of kids come in. It's the only way we can get it done with minimal disruption. We have a whole department now that is just in charge of figuring it all out and making it happen. It's nuts. I/we get that we need to measure the kids, and measure our own performance, but at some point you need to actually teach the children too.
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    Best first post ever? Thanks dad, glad it wasn't crackheads. Just you and mom... still getting a camera though. I'll be able to post your back yard mudding adventures for all to see next time!
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    I would not bring a paint ball gun to what could be a real gun fight.
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    This one hits hard on so many levels.
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    In the old days people marched for their rights. Today people march to have their rights taken away
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    Ed’s home. And with a little (we’ll, not so little) surprise
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    Daniel Kim sounds like he may or may not be a whiny little cunt. Allegedly.
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    I have a 18 ft Fleetwood Mallard , 2005. Sleeps 7! Good condition. Yours for $4.5k!
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    Welcome to OR Heather, and congrats on getting into riding! I have two simple questions for you: Are you single? Do you know Spanish? Thanks!!
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    I need to convince wife to get out of Ohio with me.
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    Started working on the zrx today and learned a new trick. Replaced the single valve springs with doubles and dropped in a set of bump sticks with a little more lift. All that without removing the head. Put 2’ of rope down the cylinder so I wouldn’t drop a valve and used a fancy spring compressor from a fella on the zrx forum. Still gotta adjust the lash,swap the ignition and wire in a new cdi unit.
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