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    DATE: July 2, 2018 Ok guys and gals, we are going to do something for 1st and possibly 2nd timers (people who are new to track riding) the opportunity to do this day for free (in terms of track costs.) Back in 2016 @RHill (Ryan Hill) offered me a Mid-Ohio gift certificate so I could come out and ride the track the same day he was there ( I was a little tight on money at that particular time). I accepted this gracious offer and was going to pay him back with another cert the following year. Unfortunately I was never able to repay Ryan as he unexpectedly passed away that October. I'm not sure if I've ever met someone with the passion this guy had for all things track days and motorcycles. He was the first one to lend a hand and wanted everyone to have a good time. He was a staple in the paddock and is missed immensely. Since I was not able to pay him back, and I knew his passion for sharing his passion with other people., I am going to be giving away a Mid-Ohio gift certificate to a new track rider who would like to join us. I would prefer that person to be at least a member of OR since this is where details about this day will be posted etc. So if you had someone that was thinking about joining us for this epic day and is not a member, get them to sign up and post in here! You will have to let me know if this is going to be your 1st or 2nd time on track and I will keep a list of names and will draw a random number to determine the winner. No strings attached, and it's on the honor system in terms of how new you are to the track. I can't wait to get out there with you guys (since I wasn't able to ride at the OR day last year). Cert Giveaway List: 1. bowdog 2. JustinNck1 3. Killer_kaw 4. Wojo72 5. max_power 6. jhalls 7. Crazy Skull Crusher (Winner!) 8. amshort13 9. wolfeman28
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    I have talked about riding to the west coast and back forever! I always make excuses to not go. Too expensive, take too long, the bike might break down, I might need tires part way. No more! I am 58 and could fucking drop dead tomorrow. The only thing that can stop me is the money. As long as we can swing that I am going this summer. I figure 2 to 3 weeks. My plan is hit the Badlands and other places going west to eventually ride the pacific coast. Then head east across the Southwest. Not sure if I want head up to Colorado or just stay south. My sister has lived in the San Fran area for 30 years and I have never been out. Figured I’d stop and bother her while I am out there. I have a cousin out there that says he is going to Sturgis this year. I want to go to Sturgis, once. Need to plan for a couple of days there. I plan on trying to camp, as much as possible. I already have all the gear for that.
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    Ran my first 5k yesterday. 10/10 will totally do again.
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    I know. It's embarrassing. I tried fumigation, but he just inhaled deeply and told me it was good shit, man.
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    Trump is hated mostly by the 2 political "gangs", simply because he is truly an outsider. That man is no GOP, career politician, nor is he a democrat, he ran the GOP platform simply because there is currently no chance for an independent to have a fair opportunity at winning "he beat the corrupt system". Trump is a leader for sure, you don't however have to agree with his tactics. I say again, actions/results speak louder than words, and Trump is toying and playing with so many people it is comical. We forget that we have had many non PC presidents in the past, and I most certainly don't care what anybody from another country "and in particular here" thinks negatively about my country. It is bout time for "America first", he is the American President not the world President, and no other country will EVER do more than the USA does for helping others. Getting shit done isn't always fair, hell nothing in life is fair nor is it guaranteed. We have so many government dependent people in this country it is beyond embarrassing, and more than not are just playing the system because they can. Those are multitudes of voters for the democratic party, and the democratic politicians know fully well how to continue baiting them all in for votes. Emotions, outrage, feelings, free shit..........there is your liberal progressive voting base, those will be the first people to go should we have a massive natural disaster or man made attack which changes life how we currently know it. I am a YUUUUGE Trump supporter and I make no apologies for it, he is the President this country has desperately needed for a very long time. We will find out soon a little bit more how deep the deep state is, and there will be heads rolling for sure. Trump is draining that swamp folks, and those who actually know him say he is brilliant and scary smart. Love him, hate him, loathe him.....we will ALL benefit from his Presidency. Corrupt politicians from both sides are running scared, the deep state is running scared......TRUMP is coming for them.
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    Holy shit, I can't believe I won. I have shit luck, like I never win anything. It could be raining pussy and I'd get hit with a dick. Thanks for putting this on. Can't wait to go!
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    Host: noun, BIOLOGY an animal or plant on or in which a parasite or commensal organism lives. So I guess that's me, because in defiance of all that is holy I will again host the spring meet and greet or beat your meat or whatever the fuck. It's a good goddam time and I'm happy to infest my garage with you parasites. As per usual, this is a thread to suss out the best day to hold said circle jerk. Like last year, the beers will be brewed in house and you, the patrons are invited to request the variety. Last year we had an IPA, a Dortmund lager and a milk stout. Last year I smoked up some pulled pork that went over quite well, along with brats, Italian sausage and pasta. I plan on similar offerings this year unless anyone has a better idea. Post up. I want dates, I want beers, I want foods. A good host is controlled by it's infection.
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    That’s like asking the Jiffy Lube guy to help rebuild an engine.
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    Ok ladies and gentleman. I used a random number generator to pick the winner. Congrats @CrazySkullCrusher For winning the free Trackday. Now that you have a fancy new job and fancy new pay, you can pretend like that pay bump never happened because you’ll be spending the extra on the new found track addiction! Musta built up enough good karma for hosting all those NEO garage gangbangs! I’ll PM you the details you’ll need. ED947A57-C121-4A42-A0A6-DBE40C141CF8.MOV
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    I've never planned anything in my whole life. Take your trip friend; no matter what it takes; these images are nothing compared to the memories. One day I'll be old and unable, but I won't have regret about where I might have gone.
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    Finally getting to the plug wires on Izzy. Thanks @Pauly!
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    it' all about the "balance" as I call it. You all (well, most of you OR folk I know) understand the balance without even knowing it exists. You have a two week vacation available. You have a time frame from within your Org's framework to submit your request. You do so. It's accepted. It's gonna be great. Route's planned. Friends will be there and/or waiting to celebrate the two wheel'd journey, arrival, and days (or, if lucky)... weeks of mutual two-wheeled bliss. You do arrive intact, All is well. Twist and enjoy Then the balance arrives. The balance is the halfway point on your allowed time away from: Job Family Other dependents and/or what you consider responsibilities So...you're tooling along, whistling in your Sena ("Shut UP Dan!") and you KNOW that the balance has passed, and no matter WHAT the fuck you do you're ON YOUR WAY HOME. Fucking period. Doesn't mean the fun, or subsequent memories are meaningless. Some of the best days I've had are on the last day or two's wanderings home from somewhere far from Ohio. Equally so, decisions were made AT THE BALANCE to stay longer at the destination, and then just slab the HELL home in 12 hrs from Wolf Pen Gap or wherever. On a sportbike. Joy So...having said this, and as it IS my Blog and not some random thread...all I plan to do on this trip Is extend the balance. As far as I can
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    The only time I bought a bike with a loan still on it, I met the guy at his credit union (lien holder), paid him his asking price and he paid off the remainder of the balance on his loan and had them transfer the title to my name on the spot. Your situation sounds real shady.
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    you're welcome to come help any day Quinn Another day spent today at Nebbish's garage prepping Sunny for the trip (last day of Corp job after 11 yrs is April 2nd. Mgmt not too happy that I used all my accrued vacation to take every Friday off between now and then) Have completed work on the motor's sides. NSU screws safety wiring done last week, high output stator install done today. Gasket came off much cleaner than clutch side, which was nice. Stock stator out (will keep as spare...has 62 miles on it!) new stator in, new case gasket Decided to finalize the mounting of the NX650 Dominator fender nice big panhead allens...looks good IMHO Countershaft seal retainer installed JNS sprocket cover/case saver installed Sprayed the inside of the TCI skidplate with bedliner, remounted, with side guards Moose shift lever on Seeing how it looks with the rotor cover on Also soldered the spade connectors and mounted the LED flasher relay And used Berg's tip from ADV and mounted a second factory tank rubber up higher on the downtube to support the front of the Safari tank better than the foam rubber it came with. Running low on tasks to do as I wait for the fairing kit to ship from Australia. Most of what remains is in one way, shape or form associated with wiring, setting up the various Vapor sensors and routing that wiring, drilling dashboard holes for the two waterproof switches (one will control the LED light bar under the Yenkro, the other will control power to a dual USB outlet on the dash that also has a nice digital voltage guage in the middle), mounting the Vapor dashboard with indicator lights and then wiring the new LED turn signals. Don't even want to go further with handlebar controls, bar and lever positions, etc until the fairing is on and located. Still have to get an 1157 LED bulb for the rear tail light. Anyone have a favorite? I see the one Procycle sells, but they have received enough of my $$ for now lol. Now times for a few beers. Rhinegeist Truth tonight
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    more work at Nebbish's today Installed yellow Galfer lines, front 2" over stock length. Test fitted the Safari tank and it's crossbrace, after installing new petcocks. Waiting for filter I ordered before cutting new fuel lines and routing. Fitment of the Corbin was fiddly...had to relocate the side brackets on the Corbin fwd about 1" broad shoulders holes lined right up And here's the NX650 front fender on the right way. Trimmed more to fit the Warp9 brace better. Looks good IMHO Nebbish's DR, test fitting the Acerbis and his Meyer seat, along with Happy Trails Teton full setup Really need the Yenkro now to keep the momentum going. Nearly eveything left will be affected by the wiring of the dash panel and how it's all routed. Guess I'll head home now and watch the Stupid Bowl
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    Finally got a under 30 minute 5k on the treadmill.
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    The world is a better place when you turn off the "news" and just live your life.
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    I only have one track day under my belt. But, I did bump to Intermediate. So I will consider myself ineligible. Really this was just a shameless plug to mention getting bumped to I after only one session. Good luck to the winner! I intend to be there that day.
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    Awesome gesture Tim! never done a track day yet, primarily because I didn't want to get addicted or chance wadding up my baby, but what the hell. In!
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    I hope to have another 20k mile year, but with less vacation time this year, it may be difficult.
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    I wouldn't call him "racist" as that term is so misused and totally mistaken these days, but he most certainly showed racial bias in "many situations" and has quite the devotion to the multiple versions of Islam. He did more damage overall to the African American community than we can even imagine, and he had one of the most amazing opportunities in the history of this country to help smooth things over from past transgressions. I guess I will call him a race baiter more than anything else, but of course that is the platform for the DNC anyways. We witnessed mental slavery for a long 8 years at an unprecedented level, and we ALL were affected by that and still fighting that fight.
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    The new bike is officially in my garage.
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    There is no doubt there are gun grabbers out there that would say almost anything to make that happen. But the theory that our own government is behind, 911, Sandy Hook, Vegas, Orlando or even Parkland is freaking insane. I'm all in for the 2nd amendment but all this conspiracy bullshit ON BOTH SIDES needs to stop. Trump isn't Hitler, Obama wasn't Hitler no one is trying to "take over" America from with in. Yes they are all liars on their own agenda ALL of them(both sides) usually on a economic agenda not a take over a nation level. I like my guns I want to keep my guns and i'll fly that banner all day long. But as soon as someone that I support starts slinging the mud in a way that just seem insane I'm done with them. With todays tech and cameras in every ones pocket there is no way a large government cover up could ever fly. I'm about to go on a social media unfriend campaign due to this and ill be unfriend both people that support the left and right because I'm just that sick of it.
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    billet upper triple clamp, 2" Rox risers installed today Got my rear box mounted
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    I have had the Symtec, Oxford and OEM heated grips and love them all, Cant do without. But the new heated seat is the bomb. As you can see with out the heat my body core temp fall to the "freezing my ass off" with a serious turtle situation. When you have a heated seat things become normal. Without Heat: With Heated Seat:
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    I used to have this Asian friend @jbot who posted all kinds of funny fucked up shit all the time. And then he had kids became boring. Want to be my new Asian friend?
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    Everybody participates in fake outrage any way they can. 99% of people posting about this sort of thing on social media couldn't give a shit either way about the people who were killed, they are just riding the support bandwagon until the next tragedy pops up that they can lean on. This guy is going to get dogpiled because he said something most people think when they are annoyed about something. What he said isn't any worse than anything our president has tweeted in the last year and a half. /shrug
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    Exhaust is on. Now just waiting for the ECU.
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    I'll try to get a belated 'build thread' going and toss up some photos. I had it mocked up a few weeks ago just to get an idea on some things. Had to tear everything back down as the frame needs some machining to fit the R6 swinger and shock.
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    Think you about covered it all. So the my answer to all of those things is, YES. It is all of those things. Every trip is different for me. 'm looking for that "Ahhhhhh" moment when all the cares in the world are gone and it's just you your machine and nothing else. Sometimes I find that on a trip around the block. Sometimes it's on a winding mountain road. Sometimes it's walking into a road side motel room after a great days ride. But I always find it.
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    Toss me on the list if you could! Never been to a track day yet. Currently have a track bike being built and should be complete here in about a month. Aprilia framed, banshee powered 2 stroke. Would love to annoy the shit out of everybody with it.
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    I wasn’t talking about cigs.
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    Saturdays are good. Your homebrew is excellent. Whatever flavors you want to make I'm sure will be great. The food last year was excellent as well. Great to get out & chat with some fellow riders. I'll ride my bike this year so I'll have earplugs for the mullet rock. If anyone has missed this so far you've missed out on a good time. If you decide to come don't forget to bring CA$H for Sam as he puts a lot of money & time into getting this thing together.
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    No no no bad things are still Thanks Obama. Humpty Trumpy can do no wrong!
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    Awesome. I still want to ride to Alaska.
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    You definitely have some time to think about the mistake you just made before hitting the ground.
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    I’m going to try to attend with Andy’s old Ducati.
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    Fuckin blast, bubbys!
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    The resist movement is quite similar to a toddler candy aisle temper tantrum.
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    Oooo, look, a dick measuring contest! maybe we can measure chicken strips too!
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    Well you came back didn't you? That's all we have at the moment reassembly is getting ready to start Find just for Giggles a big giant box of parts
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    The word racist has become so overused and misused in recent years. It's beginning to lose impact in a "boy who cried wolf" kind of way. Race baiting, and falsely accusing someone of being racist is every bit as bad as actually being racist.
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    Dry firing, trigger feels very nice... Will report back once we shoot it
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    I don't agree with every word, but that's actually a pretty insightful post.
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