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    Tried alcohol several times and just tried your dry erase trick didn't do it either. It's definitely the black ink because it was black before I started cleaning.
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    A fellow XR rider And a picture of my bike.
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    I just seen "Katana 3.0" wtf is that? Is the AOL all over again?
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    New Panaracers for the Kona and new Mavic Open Pro hoops, DT 2.0 laced to Origin8 hubs. Also installed a set of Michelin Power tires and a shiny 16 tooth cog. Pulled 36.5 mph put of her on Saturday on a roadie ride. That is 155 rpm...and I loved every mile.
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    Welcome to the OR community!
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    The date keeps getting pushed back. They are now being told they should be able to order units Nov 1 for a Dec or Jan delivery. Obviously that’s less than ideal in Ohio lol. CCM sells Polaris as well, they transferred my deposit to the Ranger I wanted and made me a ridiculously good deal on it to apologize for the 790 delay which was in no way their problem but they did it anyway. CCM is absolutely my go to dealer. They’ve always done right by me but this time it was above and beyond
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    I’m interested
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    Kent, Hang in there. The wife really needs your support now. My wife had her second knee replacement in May. So we knew what was coming, sorta. A word of advice on the pills, check to be certain that she received the number that the doc prescribed. I'm not saying the pharmacy would mis-count. With all the awareness of the opioid epidemic, some INSURANCE companies (bastards) have started refusing to pay for the full course of the prescription. When we left the hospital, the nurse explained this, but there were too many things going on for me to remember this important fact. And the wife, well, she was drugged at the time, so.... guess whose fault it was two weeks later when she realized that she didn't have enough pills to get through the weekend. Plus, that's when you learn that the doc cannot send a scrip for an opioid by fax or any means except by snail mail. I should have driven the 2 hours to Morgantown. Hindsight. So sorry to hear about her dad's passing. Knowing that it's coming let's you prepare, a bit. But it still hits you. Watch her for depression as she deals with this on top of the frustration of the physical therapy/recovery. Again, hang in there! Keep refilling that ice bag. Keep adjusting that behind-the-knee pillow. Chris
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