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    But you’re not that fun
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    That's about the timeline I'm thinking as well. 7-10 years before things really start to change. Here's a good video about what a high density, cheap, safe battery could do for, well, pretty much every aspect of every day life. But nevermind that, here's the real issue we should be tackling as a one-world government. Mega-Burrito construction and distribution.
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    IMO, we are 10 years away from all-electric vehicles being a viable option for a meaningful number of drivers. Battery technology is getting there, but they need to store more power and become much smaller & lighter. Recharge times are the real deal breaker. Infrastructure is going to need to evolve differently. Charging "gas stations" are never going to work for a large number of drivers. Charging stations in the parking lots of grocery stores, etc would work a bit better...but, scrap the whole charging station idea and move to hot swappable batteries. Batteries sizes should be standardized across vehicles, and the vehicles need to be designed for easy battery access. 10 years away...at least. OTOH, we are living in the golden age of burritos.
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    **PRICE REDUCTION** **PRICE REDUCTION** $1,500 need this gone
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    I don't think you will see an updated Corsair between now and next spring. They just started to update the models to Snell 2020 (which this graphic will have).
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    Put some snow in your oil. It works like a flu shot to build immunity.
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    Not everyone knows how to be fun
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    So true. It was a big moment for me when I got the bump to intermediate group on 536. I'm 100% in A group for 800 though.
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