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    Too late to tell now. The best tool is one that works naturally without retraining to use it.
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    Didn't like the lcp carry the lc9 though. Anything will print in a pocket but lc9 is small enough to forget about iwb
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    :30 https://www.autojunk.nl/2018/10/altijd-weer-die-vogels
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    It’s that time of the year!All N2 2019 packages are officially on sale now through December 15th.Starting Black Friday, N2 memberships will be discounted by 20% through December 1st.N2 Basic Membership: $65 -> now $52N2 Elite Membership: $249 -> now $199All packages and memberships may be purchased directly through your N2 account at https://my.n2td.org.To purchase a 2019 package, click the “Purchase Packages” in the upper left corner of your screen and our systems will handle the rest (packages are offered in limited quantities and are provided on a first come, first served basis).Members that have purchased 2018 packages will automatically receive a 10% discount on their 2019 purchase!At midnight on Thanksgiving day, memberships will be discounted by 20% through December 1st. Our memberships are based on 12 months (not calendar year) and will “stack” if you already have one.Please note, N2 memberships will not include partner events for 2019 and we'd like to thanks those that have partnered with us this year.Should you have any questions, please contact our support group by sending an email to support@n2td.org.Once again, we thank everyone for making N2 the successful organization it has become and we look forward to serving you again in 2019!Happy Thanksgiving! This thread is for any deals. Post em up! I know other organizations do similar things with their packages.
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    4/29/2019-- Monday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt4/29/2019-- Monday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit5/4/2019-- Saturday-- NC Bike5/5/2019-- Sunday-- NC Bike5/18/2019-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course5/19/2019-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course5/20/2019-- Monday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt5/25/2019-- Saturday-- Roebling Road Raceway5/26/2019-- Sunday-- Roebling Road Raceway6/2/2019-- Sunday -- NJMP- Thunderbolt6/3/2019-- Monday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt6/14/2019-- Friday-- PittRace Full Circuit6/30/2019-- Sunday -- NJMP- Lightning7/1/2019-- Monday-- NJMP- Lightning7/6/2019-- Saturday-- Road Atlanta7/7/2019-- Sunday-- Road Atlanta7/6/2019-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course7/7/2019-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit- Full Course7/6/2019-- Saturday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit7/7/2019-- Sunday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit7/27/2019-- Saturday-- NC Bike7/28/2019-- Sunday-- NC Bike8/10/2019-- Saturday-- Roebling Road Raceway8/11/2019-- Sunday-- Roebling Road Raceway8/17/2019-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit8/18/2019-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit8/25/2019-- Sunday-- Summit Point- Shenandoah Circuit8/26/2019-- Monday-- Summit Point- Main Circuit8/31/2019-- Saturday-- Carolina Motorsports Park9/1/2019-- Sunday-- Carolina Motorsports Park9/14/2019-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit9/15/2019-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit9/21/2019-- Saturday-- NC Bike9/22/2019-- Sunday-- NC Bike10/5/2019-- Saturday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt10/6/2019-- Sunday-- NJMP- Thunderbolt10/12/2019-- Saturday-- PittRace Full Circuit10/13/2019-- Sunday-- PittRace Full Circuit10/19/2019-- Saturday-- Road Atlanta10/20/2019— Sunday-- Road Atlanta11/30/2015-- Saturday-- Barber Motorsports Park12/1/2015-- Sunday-- Barber Motorsports Park above is the email I received
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    Ride Report: Great ride down to New River Gorge on Sunday for a overnight stay at the Hawks Nest SP Lodge, WVa. with a return on Monday. Weather was a little cold in the morning start with the time change. We met inmate Shrey on 33 south and road together after meeting again in Spencer, WVa. hitting route 36 and 16 south. Shrey checked out at Wallback on I77 and we staied on 16 down to Gauley Bridge. After hitting the local roads we made it to the lodge. Next morning went under the bridge and ran back roads home foe a great Fall trip to WVa. 640 miles of back roads with some nice colors and sites. 100_0014 by 100_0016 by 100_0022 by
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    Still love the suit I bought from you last year!!! Looks the same. Great suit!
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    If you let your wife dictate your gun purchases you both should probably see other men
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