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    Apologies for the delay. Didn't get in and unloaded until about 11pm last night and fell asleep pretty soon there after. Thank you everyone for coming out. Again, I apologize for all the delays in the planning and the weather that caused us to postpone to the rain date (again). I don't think we could have asked for better riding conditions than we got yesterday! Special thanks to those who lead/swept the other groups. Without you, the rides can't happen and you guys set the pace and make sure everyone else is setup for success. You are the heart and soul of these rides and I can't thank you enough. Another special thank you to the anonymous donor of the pizza/soda after the event. One of the best parts of this ride is the camaraderie we all get to have as a result. Always awesome to get to sit down and relax after a taxing ride in the twisties, enjoy some food and laugh and love through the common thing we all share, motorcycles. Before the event, I really thought this might be the last Epic Ride I would organize because I 'thought' it had lost a bit of interest, but it's a friendly reminder of how wrong I am. Everyone seems to cherish this ride and the ability to bring new riders in and give new forum members a good avenue to introduce themselves to the group. As always, anyone who has any recommendations to making this ride any better, please feel free to comment below. I'm always down to listening to constructive criticism and implementing suggestions on improving. I'm already looking forward to the next Epic Ride in the Fall. Thanks again to everyone who was able to attend. Group Photo (courtesy of @r6obey)
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    I kove this thread already. What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? The location of the dirtbag.
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    It is possible to have kids and enjoy motorcycling. I don't ride like I used to. While I don't blame anyone for not riding while they have little kids, it is possible to have both. I couldn't make it to the Epic Ride, because of a promise to my kids.
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    “We do everything from mobbing the streets,Hocking rides, drag racing, tours of 270, stunt rides, and so much more!” Yeah, that’s not a group I plan on hanging out with.
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    Relax, he is turning up the heat on them, and it is working far better than 8 years of sucking their tiny little Asian cocks. https://www.wsj.com/articles/china-drops-probe-into-u-s-sorghum-shipments-1526629000
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    So I banged through some 2 lane twisties for half an hour or so, unfamiliar territory but kinda knew where I was, then found rt 30 and figured I'd head back toward home to play with the dogs and have a beer. Screwed it on a little too tight in 6th up a semi-blind rise and there's a dalton cop SUV. So I adjust my speed and keep glancing my mirrors and he's not there.....till he is....then he lights up the disco. I immediately pull over, remove gloves and helmet and retrieve my wallet. He comes up, introduces himself and immediately thanks me for stopping. My reply: I'm not going to risk the safety of everyone else on the road over $200, that's just a dick move. He then notes my bike is brand new, and a 1000cc! Damn this must get it! Turns out he had a gsxr750 when he was in the police academy. I give him my info and off to his car he fucks. So my insurance company is already on the edge of dropping me because of tickets. I cannot get another one. I'm off the bike, stretching etc and see him exit his vehicle. No ticket book. Fuck yes. Tells me I get a warning despite my speed. I tell him I'm so lucky, if I got a ticket he'd be hearing about a homicide in massillon tomorrow because my wife would shoot me. We laugh, shake hands, I thank him and go on my way. If only every stop could be like this one. Dalton has at least one cool cop, and I hope to have the opportunity to buy him a beer one day.
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    Just bought a Mid Ohio Cert, so July 2nd is a go for me.
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    I did some wheelie practice on Memorial Day. I found out I could use more practice.
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    Completed Pre-Flight inspection on both bikes for an early Saturday departure on a 5/6 day romp in the hills and back country of KY.-WV.-VA. Two old overweight dudes on overweight dirt bikes. (TURD’S) if you will. (Two Unrelated Riding Dummy’s) June 2018 ADV by
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    Hi, my name is Tonik. Do you know know how tall Attila the Hunt was? Does the intro make my question any less fucked up? No.
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    Walked in to work and saw my old BMW in the showroom. Haven't seen it since the day I traded in it. The new owner must not have put too many miles on it, it looked like it still had the Angel GT front I put on it 4 years ago 🤣
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    Just a liiittttle bit of body roll But I tell you what for the big heavy girl she is, she handled very nicey on those roads. Used the paddle shifter on the console A LOT. Even keep up with a group of Focus ST's that were railing around. Just kept telling the wife "if you get sick just remember it's your car"
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    'Bout god damn time you started paying your share. I'm tired of carrying your ass. Thanks Trump!
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    Gravel the whole thing!
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    I bet you I didn't at all. I also bet you I almost made my wife puke coming up 28..lol
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    lol exactly what I was thinking. Right after, wow, another gay ban contest.
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    Put on a set of Road 5’s. Ready to see if the are as good as the reviews say they are.
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    Got my Kona back. First ride of the year. First since @TimTheAzn rode with me last year. Felt great to be in the woods again. I didn't even crash today.
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    How is you don't speak Shittsburgh??
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    Well TJ picked up right where Mike left off. Called to order tires late yesterday afternoon. TJ said, they probably won’t go out until tomorrow because FedEx is here now for the pickups. Low and behold 20 minutes later I get an order update that my tires were on there way. They showed up tonight and are getting mounted tomorrow. Thanks TJ and RD, you guys are the best!
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    The 3 girls (with goggles on) are my daughters. The boy is my buddy's son. My pullout game was strong 20 to 25 years ago. It diminished with time.
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    Are those ALL your kids?? I think Tim should teach you a thing or two about pulling out. You've got your hands full! lol
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    For everyone else except the two rump rangers go the way below. 14 miles of 26 (slab) and you can pick up 208, 212, 209 and so on. Then cut through Maggie Valley and the BRP and come in near Gatlinburg to Townsend. Yea, the last part will be a bit lame with traffic along the river, if you want to skip that head to Franklin from Maggie, have dinner at Cafe Rel then up 26 to the Gap then Townsend. https://goo.gl/maps/QhXHkKz59wC2
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