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    @redbarron77 has all the images. Gist of my understanding of ORdN. Don't use real names or call people by them Leg hump until the girl leaves or toughens up... or Stay in the kitchen until given a pass Go 1.80 on the highway doing a wheelie and flipping the bird It's Dads fault All sales are GLWS LBTS No thread is permitted to stay on topic Hookers and blow Gen got peni and left CBR girl requested a few to leave... And they are gone If your ex-boyfriend has your bike, don't play with midgets First one to pass out gets the hotdog photo .... There are more rules but this will get you started... Last one... Nothing is to be taken serious on the internet ORdN will protect, help and share all they can in real life to help someone... They are all a little soft on the inside...
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    Follow up CT scan today. All clear. Now switching to 6 month scans.
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    Stickers are from the fairing's original owner. Haven't gotten around to taking them off yet. To his credit he did an actual GYTR build... dang crazy money spent. This isn't 100% finished, I want to do something with the belly pan and probably the sides. Nothing major but some sort of color that follows the angle of the subframe/tail section.
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    Anyone that can't take the heat should stay on reddit where they belong. Not everything needs to pander to the least common denominator. I am tired of accommodating people I do not know that feel I owe them something. The door swings both ways. Suit up, throw a leg over.. or piss off.
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    Instead of fighting the trolls, I made them mods. 😂
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    How about not locking the thread in the first place. Who in the hell posts here thinking that any thread will stay on topic let alone complain that it hasn't. That's some baby bullshit and coddled by an overactive moderator.
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    In truth, a true democracy can ONLY work when you have an well-educated voting populace, one of the reasons that only land owners were allowed to vote when our country was established, as they were essentially the most well educated who had a stake in the outcome of the country's direction. What we technically have historically is a republic, or at least a hybrid system combining democracy with a republic. Allowing the ignorant, the uninformed and the uneducated to vote, while a rampantly popular idea on citizen rights, is a recipe for disaster over many decades. As soon as the majority discovers for themselves or are urged or "told" they can vote themselves free benefits at the largesse of the tax-paying minority, it becomes a socialist democracy, which is where we're headed rapidly. Sanders, Warren, Booker, Yang, Harris...name your progressive of choice. I know that sounds terribly "privileged", but it is our history. If we could somehow instill the understanding of the need for EVERYONE to exercise their right to vote, so that a thin majority truly represents the "will of the people", then we could have a functional democracy. When you have voter turnouts of 20-25% of registered voters, you effectively have the will of a 10-15% minority imposing their will on the 80%+ majority....and we allow it because we're too f'ing lazy or busy or disconnected to make our desire known.
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    I disagree. Some crotch rockets are bigger than others. Some can go for miles and miles, some use all their gas fast. Some have short shifting some long shifting, some go mach retard some just retard.... Some are white, some yellow, some black, some mixed... Not all crotch rockets are the same. That's like saying all Mustang's are the same.
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    We just did the back of the dragon. We haven’t hit anything but minor showers. BBQ in Marion.
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    Had an opportunity to pick up a one owner, garage kept Buell Cyclone M2 with 18K miles. Guy worked as a HD mechanic and bought it new in New York. Added a bunch of factory options like the tach, Buell-branded soft luggage, flat-slide Mikuni. Wasn't really looking but it kind'a fell in my lap, so to speak. Color is "Molten Orange". Pretty much unmolested. 430# dry weight with 91 HP and 85 lbft of torque sounds like fun....
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    I feel threatened. Can somebody hide this thread?
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    Whoops, thought Tim was talking about John's bike. Didn't realize we went off topic to UPs bike. Since we went off topic John you want me to lock this? Your choice.
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    Fuck yo safe space. We're on the interwebz and this is Ohio Riders.
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    Meh, I'm the eye candy of this operation not the brains.
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    Going forward in cases like this I think rather than hiding the thread we should lock them, with a brief explanation posted in the thread.
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    Kid couldn't wait, he just gave me this.
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    Tires and brakes... buy quality.
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    Took off Thursday and set up base at Jenny Wiley SP Lodge near Prestonsburg, KY. Fri.& Sat did back road twisty both day's and returned today Sunday with a few rain showers on the return trip. So many great roads in Kentucky and the State Park lodges make for great operating bases. 820 miles total.
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    I don't think it's semantics at all. I think trying to frame this as racism it causing a huge divide across the country. That divide is arguably has a much bigger impact than police brutality. Let's be honest, the media & democrats LOVE to call things racist. That shit needs to stop.
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    Why must you persist? If you don’t want to eat it, don’t. I ate it and it was okay. And there is no need to disparage people in West Virginia just because you’re bored. Why don’t you actually go ride a motorcycle ? Oh right, you don’t actually have one? see, I’m not just being nice. 😂😂😂
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    Welcome aboard! As you get into group riding remember the golden rule. Ride your own pace no matter how fast the group is going. Do not push it. Any group from here will wait for you at the next turn, and truly does not care if they have to wait. In fact it will make them happy that you are riding your own pace. Any group that won't wait, or tells you to speed up is a crap group and you should leave it immediately.
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    Ok, so the dude that got shot in Atlanta.....that was a good shoot. People need to apply some common sense to what they are protesting, otherwise they loose credibility.
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    Just rode 555 June 30, 2020 from Rt 78 to Rt 550. Everything has been repaved and shoulders are tarred to keep gravel down. Great condition but the sphincter still puckers a little as you approach tops of hills and not sure which way the road breaks. I’m a 58 year old with a 2006 Goldwing. Take it easy and enjoy the ride! Ed Nagle, Perrysburg OH
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    I can't believe you walked right past this.
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    anyone notice how they're all white dudes? This is why I think it's finally time @Uncle Punk became mod. we need to get a black guy on the mod team. he'll be like our Obama, and then I'll bide my time until i can begin my unadulterated fascist reign of tyranny
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    If it's truly racism, it's a serious offense (suspension, ban, etc). However, 99.9999999% of the time it's just friendly banter/ribbing or someone speaking their mind on a hot topic that upsets those with a different viewpoint. We've been doing this for fifteen years. Joining this site is like joining a new group of friends, or meeting your in-laws. It takes a bit to get to know their personalities, intentions, etc. Everyone has their own opinions. Think of it as a really fucked up, dysfunctional, polygamous, exhibitionist family. Some are conservative. Some are liberal. Some are in the middle. Some try to sleep with every new person that joins. Some are happily married. Some will never get laid. Some sleep with sheep (you know who you are *cough* Fonzie and Sam *cough*). Some ride sport bikes on the track only. Some ride Harley's to the local bar. Some sold their bikes years ago but still hang around for some reason (looking at you Bad). Some can handle it. Some can't. As TimTheAzn so eloquently said, this is not a "safe space". Everyone is free to have their own opinion and speak their mind (within the rules). We don't censor or over-moderate. That said, we do NOT tolerate blatant racism, sexism, violence, etc. If anyone sees anything that breaks the rules, you're encouraged to report it (Report post link in upper right of every post).
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    Singling out the police brutality issue to one very specific aspect of it may be making it harder to deal with, because it is dividing up the base that would be for reforms over perceived racial motives. Having a strong message and platform to deal with the problem is good, but basing it on something as volatile as racial prejudices, especially in the US, is in my opinion a bad move on the organizer's part. Unless of course the motivation now is to deepen the racial tensions and pull people apart for political gain. I'm not being dismissive of the very present racial issues in the justice system, but the root of these problems goes much much deeper and ends up being more an economic and poverty problem rather than a racial problem in most instances. Police reforms are a band aid for a wound that goes down to the bone.
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    Lol, did anyone watch the video. The dude that put it up is black.
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    Agree to disagree. I think it's a police accountability issue caused by police unions. Try to reconcile this data against BLM's claim that "white supremacists" are rampantly killing blacks. It doesn't add up. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2017/crime-in-the-u.s.-2017/topic-pages/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-6.xls About 88% of black murders are committed by blacks. About 80% of whites murders are committed by whites. Figures for police aren't drastically different. When the problem is misdiagnosed, the proposed cure is usually ineffective.
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    Yea, I can't imagine you have much need for motorcycle ear plugs.
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    HD had its heyday, but all things come to an end. This is what happens when you build your product on an ideal, rather than market research. Good. Maybe one of them will buy my Ducati.
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    Tim.. please do not go hiking.
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    Truff! 380 miles today with the Mrs in tow.
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    ToniC, thanks for setting up the Covid cruise, it was a great route and you did a good job leading us. It was nice to meet Wahoo and Grokked. Look forward to more rides like this one.
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    FYI....ODOT is currently paving 555 from Ringgold to Chesterhill.Last weekend they had the first coat from Ringgold to about 4 miles from Chesterhill.A fun, challenging ride on a section of 555 that is usually a POS.
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