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    That’s what I was thinking. 10 miles of twisty asphalt with little traffic makes a guy commute whenever possible.
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    Ear plugs are illegal in Ohio. No law breakers here. We don't even speed.
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    Sorry for your loss, ride away everything, still plenty of time left. Monsoon season just ended anyways.
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    Welcome back man. Sorry to here about your pops. Still plenty of riding weather left.
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    Go buy the brake line vacuum tools from Harbor freight. You hook it to your airline and suck the fluid through so you can do it solo. Very handy. Probably about 20 bucks
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    Hell no, it's base price. ZR1 vette starts at 120k for the 2019 model. Stupid comparison to make. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    You can buy ear plugs for small ear canals very reasonably on Amazon.
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    Er6n is just a naked ninja 650. Only difference is fairings.
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