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    Jan: I'll make you an offer that might be better/cheaper than what your you've proposed. I'll lend you my '09 Suzuki DL650 (VStrom, non-ABS) for the time frame you've described. I have two bikes, and I can't ride them both at the same time. Here's the conditions: 1) I'm located in Cincinnati (SW Ohio) which is about 1.5-2 hours from Westerville--you gotta figure out a way to pick up and drop off the bike at my house; 2) I won't ask for any rent money from you--you are borrowing the bike gratis--but we will sign a contract saying that you will be responsible for any damage/loss/theft/speeding citations during the time you are in possession of the bike, and I will require a cash deposit of $500 to be refunded to you when you return the bike in satisfactory condition. Be aware that the drivers in the US are probably an order of magnitude worse in terms of driving skills, attention to the road and other drivers--ESPECIALLY MOTORCYCLES--thatn what you are used to in Europe. Fair warning to be aware and supremely cautious when in the saddle. Bike is in excellent condition, with nearly new tires, newer chain and sprockets, recent brake refresh including fluids, oil/filter change. Bike is equipped with touring windscreen, tank bag, and you can borrow my soft pannier luggage if you need to carry your gear. All I ask is that you check the oil after a long high-speed highway trip, as the Stroms are known to drink a little oil at 65-70+ MPH, and keep the chain lubed as needed. Lemeno. Bill Francis
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    Just finished the first run across Gila. Silver City to Truth or Consequences. Think 60 mile long Warwoman with much more elevation change. Only had to pass one car, no cops. Quick snack break then about 150 back across to Arizona.
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    Glad we are able to help out! We appreciate the business and hope you guys have a good trip!
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    I have a bunch of kids, Goretex, and a pass. I'll be there.
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    I think what everyone is saying is that I should have designed the tshirt because it wouldve been fucking fabulous.
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    I meet a lot of new riders that choose to start on 1000s while I'm at work. I'm usually able to keep most of them alive but the damage is often permanent. Take Tpoppas advice.
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    Dome of Hate totally failed today. Don't care, its been epic.
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    The chat box had a few questions as I was posting, so I'll start a thread in here. My first child was born 12.57am on the 27th. After a very long and painful labor. He got stuck on the way out, issues with the cord and they swept my wife away to the OR after 4 unsuccessful pushes. Baby heart rate drop, scary low. Guys, it's amazing what they can do here. In just 9 of the most terrifing mins , they had my wife over to the OR, strapped down to a different bed and drugged up and the baby was out and they were "working" on him. Cut-to-birth was under minute, as the Dr puts it. I was able to hold him for a few seconds right after he was out, but quickly ran him down to NICU, to stabliz him. Cofer is now doing well, but is still in NICU. He should be released in less than a week. He bounced back quickly with fluids.
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    hahah i never prescribed narcotic/ sedatives ever and will never use it myself too. i have a very weak will power and poor mental strength and resolve. Exhibit A is my weak pathetic 3 time failed attempt at quitting motorcycling. this is exactly why i never want to try smoking or drinking coz i know i am gonna be a raging alcoholic or certified rapper Will drop some badass bars and finish with "thank you come again"
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    And we are home. 4882 miles and 12 states.
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    Redverz Solo. No more crawling around on my hand and knees. And a place to cook, hang out or even repair the bike if spending time in the rain.
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    Hey guys...I had so good time...all thanks to you and Bubba and his will to share. Here are some pictures from my retreat. Sorry for capturing what you are used to but it is all new to me and always wanted to eat burger in completely regular american road place, sleep in road motel and "wander around" on bike..meet country and people...basically all what I was seeing as a child from Russian and communists controlled Czechoslovakia on not very tolerated American movies. Almost all was touched on my short trip thanks to you and Bubba...and I am just laughing out on his funny posts unable to write similar way as I feel so grateful....thank you old man and sorry for that lost rain cover...and the last picture I took and you said you would kill me if I post it...so I posted it as you are all perfect and don't have to worry https://goo.gl/photos/LoePP2DDBUmW6eVR9
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    You know what they say...no news is good news. Happy to report that no one died during this exchange, and there won't be an international incident between the US and Czeck as a result of financial loss or liability. Jan and I had a great (short, <100 mi) ride into NKY yesterday morning with a riding bud of mine on some of the goat paths I'm known for. I had an afternoon of pit bike racing planned so Jan headed off on a rambling path along the OH river that we had discussed, spent the night in some appropriately seedy motel along the river, dropped the bike off this morning with an additional 280 mi of wandering on the odo and is headed back to C-bus for his last day of training as you read this. I was waiting to post up the pics from yesterday's ride until he posted about his adventures plunking around the small towns of IN and KY. I'm sure he'll chime in soon. All is well, my friends.
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    I'm writing this from the hospital. Don't worry! The doctors say I'm going to be OK but I must warn you. The Dyson Ball Cleaner has a very misleading name......
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    Been a tough 9 days My wife has been in the Cleveland Clinic for the last 9 days. She had to have a valve replaced in her heart that was defective since she was born we only found out about this 3 months ago Luckily she walked 5 miles every day so everything was strong and working right except for the valve We also lucked out and had the top surgeon in the world do her surgery. They had her up and walking 2 days after the surgery and sent home 6 days later she is home now doing great.
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    Though I can't argue with results. Not the best pearl job I've seen but my first and I'm pretty pleased.
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    You should have been there as we drove off looking like this. People were freaking.
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    Neither a 1000 nor 600cc sportbike is a good choice for a first bike. It's the equivalent of a Ferrari for a first car. Cbr500r, Ninja 650, or Fz6r are much better choices for a first sporty motorcycle.
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    Lots of work Togo but couldn't resist mocking it up to see what she's gonna look like.
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    Then 45 miles of glorious roads. Some of the best I have ever been on. Until we got to these two choices.
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    If you have time, there's a little scenic spot in Tellico that's actually a memorial to @Tonik and his legacy for the founding of the Smokey Mountains. It is a little known fact that he was the only surviving Native American to remain settled in those parts after whitey came to town. All of the restaurants are named after him, too. I especially like the bullshit sandwich at the "Can't Fucking Wheelie For Shit Diner".
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    Shit I eat whatever I want when I'm on vacation
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    Riders Discount is buying us pizza Friday night. Everyone be sure to thank Mike and everyone at RD. I will post more details as we get closer.
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    What did I do to my bike today? I rode the wheels off that mother fucker. That's what I did to my bike today.
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    I'm in. I'll see you guys tomorrow morning. I'll be on the FJR.
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    Same here, it will depend how it looks in the morning for me.
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    Track got new pavement,it's exactly same as at Ncm. Track is super fast not one single bump,grip is good. Time to hit you PR.
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    The govt needs to protect Eddie vetter at all costs. He's all we have left.
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    Yeah Craig. That was me. Was taking a break after work before heading to QSL's bike nite. Across the street from that parking spot is an awesome spur trail that follows a ridgeline down into Tinkers Creek. Was sitting on my camp chair on the ridge. Actually saw you ride by. Of course didn't really realize it was you. Had fun last night. Thanks Jim for the tire-handoff. Was nice to finally meet your wife, as well as your friends. I got a kick out of folks looking at Jim's bagger and looking again, and looking a third time, staring back and forth from the tire chained to his bike to his wheels. They really couldn't figure out WTF was up lol Then walked next door with Pauly and had dinner and some killer Fat Head Hoppy shit Then the others arrived and I got a nice hug from the SV thanks Blue for that hug. Meant a lot Then Pauly and I abandoned all fear of Bambis and tore through the Cuyahoga Valley on our way home. Was a fun ride.
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    A perfectly normal healthy back is at risk of having a sprain and slip and stuff when shoving around 700lb monster let alone days of riding on top of one. Ozark and the deals gap will be there in 2018 and most if not all of the guys will be willing to do it again. SIT THIS ONE OUT BIG GUY. Why take chances.
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    The answer to your question is No. (Lot's of other good advice from experienced riders on this thread too. They are not giving this advice because they want you to miss out on the fun either.)
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    Southernmost Point at Key West today. Can you believe the government is paying me to do this? Snorkeling Friday, then returning home via the Smoky Mountains.
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    Brought it home. Edit for better lighting. Weighs 24 lbs on the nose wit my cage and pedals. That's less than my single speed weighed. Still heavy.
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    Short video from the ride today.
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    Top box. Now it's ready for distance riding.
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    That turd just shit a Kennedy.
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    Lunch in Little Rock. Next stop Hot Springs National Park.
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    You still don't understand the "dome of hate" do you?...
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    Awesome tale. Bubba is damn good people. Maybe we should kick up an annual NKY route ride and call the "Czechtucky special" in memoriam?
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    We're at Road Atlanta this weekend he went out for first practice and set second fastest lap time and 4th overall. Qualifying at 430.
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    You know I'll get it running for you. If I make the Gap trip I'll bring it too. I can go over there or to Johns either one and pick it up next weekend on the 6th or 7th
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    Yeah..so, about those unused narcotics....
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