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    475 mile ride for BBQ in Weston, WV. Jim says this place sucks, but he is wrong. He must be thinking of another joint, because this shit is delicious. Better than that... the route there and back is phenomenal. It was so good I wanted to stop and take pics of a couple of the corners, but I had a deadline to meet. I left my house at 7:30 and was home at 5:15...and I had to swing by the office to get some things for next week's trip. So, I would have made my 5:00 arbitrary goal. I am calling it a win because I rode my ass off today and had a blast. I haven't done a solo cannonball run like this in a long time. You all missed out on a stellar set of roads. I am going to do this ride again in the spring, so be ready. I had a sandwich called "Pipeliner". It is the only thing I have eaten here, but this is just my second visit. I will choose something else next time, but that is a damn good sanwich. The garlic pickles are also very good. My dinner is also incredible. Today was a good day.
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    Because nerds need not apply.
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    All six of us that are left!
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    Yes, You are so right. A little bumpy coming out of Parkersburg but clears up to a great ride thru the cool little town along the way to connect to 119/33 Next time you have that Motard over around Seneca Rocks 33/28 search out "smoke hole road" it off 28 and go's down to 220 on the back side of the rock. It's made for fun when dry but it's getting leaves now that it's that time of year. 28/250/220 are fun also.
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    Now the hard part, you have to pick a date and then be subjected to the whining.
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    The hell. If I wasn't married I would show you how old I am not.
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    Just curious: Do all of you who ride together have the ability to communicate with each other (Sena, Shoei, or some sort of app)? Or do you mostly rely on a prearranged plan?
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    Its not Fall yet still have 4 days of summer left
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    Andy, GREAT translation! Are you an ESL teacher?
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