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    Picked up a 2009 Concours today. Less than 7600 miles on it. Rode it like 30 miles. Definitely a different feel than the CBR. It will take some getting used to. I’m guessing it’ll slow me down a bit. It doesn’t seem to beg to be ridden faster like the CBR does. It will scoot, however, if you want it to. Runs up to triple digits right quick. It’s definitely more comfortable, especially with a passenger. My daughter went with me to get the bike and test rode it with me. She was way more comfortable as a passenger as well. I hope I can get her mother to ride with me too.
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    Thanks guys for the info. My father in law has 20 year old info from his experience too but thought it was mostly about checking replacement parts, receipts, and Vins. Didn’t think it involved a safety inspection. I’ve searched here a bit and it seems to go back and forth between the two. Feel like it depends who u get to inspect that day. I’ll keep every receipt I can muster because that seems to help. It’s very clean and other than the rear turn signal/brake unit I think I’m ok. Id rather not get back into the wiring to revert back to stock because: 1.) Although I’m a vintage guy and like to keep things stock these LED lights are MUCH brighter and probably safer. 2.) Ducati’s are historically known(at least the older ones) as not being that exceptional in the electrical department. It currently works, and I’d rather not tempt the Italian gremlins! I suppose a pic is an order. Here’s a dreary November pic from a quick test ride down to the Mohican covered bridge area. Good cornering restraint test ride! Thanks for your help!
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    Kids in cages -- would you be interested in relocation to the border and working for ICE? We are looking for patriots like you! /s
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    I prefer putting kids in prison.
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    I replaced the rear tire I installed to use up during my latest trip to the smokey Mtn. Check out the nail I picked up during my trip and I did not loose any air. Hat's off to Mitas tire company for the E-07 tires I have been using for going on 6 years now.
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    Headed out today with the Spyder Wife NE out of Logan on back roads to New Concord for coffee then slightly NE to Cambridge that had the town main street aligned with 1800era Manikins? some type of festival going on. Headed SW to Cumberland and McConnelsville for lunch at Boondocks BBQ Grill. North on river to 669 and back to Hocking Hills. 202 Miles with move time at 5 Hrs with a total of 6 Hrs. of great weather and roads.
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    The Dakars on my GS may be a permanent fixture. More than enough traction for street duty and just in case... ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.
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    Went to Carolina Motorsports Park this past weekend for Saturday only. Well worth the 9 hour drive. Facility was great and pavement was excellent. Still a lot to work on with body position. Intermediate had a rough day and was red flagged almost every session.
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    I’m wondering if this could be some of my problem. That gold part is stamped Muzzy’s. I’m thinking it’s an aftermarket lowering link.
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    It's always a good day when I can ride to work!
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    Just in time for Winter.....the auction profits get..........
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    Had a lunch ride to Marietta (Boat House) and returned on Veto Road. Nice day for riding.
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    Third day in a row that I got out. Just about 475 miles in all. Weather doesn’t get much better than this in early November 😎 looks like the weekend should be more of the same. Be safe out there folks 👍
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    Got the R1 out one last time this season at NCM over the weekend with @jacobhawkins and another buddy. Weather ended up decent. Most fun I've had on halloween since I was a kid. Surprise cameo by @Hoblick picking up a sweet new race machine.
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    Added a german touch Ventilanschluss! I had swapped a spare schwinn pumps double head on my bontrager dual volume pump's single head before. Didn't hold pressure readings between pumps This new one has a very easy lever. Less fingernail hammering, but it locks opposite which will be a pain to get used to.
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    Cold and wet Sunday morning in Franklin, NC. so I got a 9am start and routed a fast way east away from the weather. Arrived at the BR Prky. near Little Switz. around 11:30. Sun was shinning and I had a coffee/snack and jumped on the route off the side of the top of the parkway. East side had sun shinning and 57deg. made for great conditions. Ended up at Erwin at 5:30 and decided to load up and drive home. Arrived home at 10 pm. Had a great ride and am now working on a trip video. Stats: 237miles Move avg: 42.7 TS:96 Move time 5:30 Total time: 6:26
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    Great Ride yesterday. Made it to Franklin, NC on 80% forest Svc. roads and 20% curvy asphalt. left/right/up/down.. I have never turned so much. 253.4 mi. 7.5hrs move time. avg. speed 33.4 TS94.7 Total time 9:40 All roads had a lot of fall debris and the forest service road blind turns had P/U trucks and drop offs. Mentality tired at the end. Great Day. Looks like a little rain today.
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    Did the cost of Mid-O track days go up for 2021? They didn’t have a very good showing last year and I don’t think they did any improvements. Feels like it should go down as the track gets worse.
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    Wayne. It will be to muddy & slippery at Perry for the girls
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    There are two of them correct? One on each side. Too lazy to go look at my bike
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    I have a Givi E55 my wife hated the back rest pad. She prefers the extra room she has without the pad. I would never mount a heavy box on the shit factory rack it will crack. I have the Givi 410 mono key mount with reinforcement arm its pretty stout. Check out www.tourandride.com for the best prices on Givi stuff.
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    I've got the Givi E55 w/ passenger pad and the older version of this backrest for my Connie: https://www.advancedsporttouring.com/Concours_Removable_Passenger_Backrest_p/c14-22.htm My kids prefer the backrest to the Givi with the passenger pad. The back rest is rounded, more comfortable, and more rigid. They say that they can feel the Givi flexing when leaning back under hard acceleration.
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    Most of us Goldwing guys are older than you and need to stop to pee long before the gas tank is empty. Some day you’ll understand 😁
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    Nice Bike Rick! It is a good day to ride to work:
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    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8957049/London-crash-Tow-truck-driver-smashes-Volkswagen-FOUR-parked-cars.html 125337748_699558444322736_9208360132725467645_n.mp4
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    My dad had a Suzuki GSX 1100 G back in the day which we used to take weekend trips NY, WV etc. Great memories with that early sport touring bike. Would be nice to have the family join you.
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    That's common on mine. I just jump it and go and let the bike charge it.
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    You do realize that by following the cult of trump and believing everything they say that you yourself are a sheep being led right?
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    Trump, especially when compared to Biden, is one of the greatest defenders of the constitution there has been. Biden is promoting stacking the supreme court because the constitution would hold him back in wielding his power. You read too much CNN.
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