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    This harkens back to the halcion days of OR. Oh how we all miss the good old days of epics threads and running off members for sport.
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    Old guy owned. Barely ridden. 😂
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    Bouncing one's head off the backstretch sure would taint things for me too!
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    The "new" guy's name is Shoop. 😀 I've been on here for 4 almost 5 years. I'm just quiet, not shy, just quiet. Nivin, @NinjaDoc had an FJR - briefly. Tsk, tsk...
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    B-mac is a beast. I couldn’t ride that big bike off road like that. I’d still be laying under it crying for my momma.
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    That looks awesome!!
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    Tell us more about this radiant heater. I always thought those things would make it hella hot up top and cool on the floor since heat rises. I’d love to see your barn sometime. I’ll bet after three of them you’ve got some good ideas going on in there
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    That's what happens when you get to be a codger man. Looking forward to more rides after I get a cane holder for my bike.
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    Well technically I'd would call his driver he would relay the message and 'd get a return call from him on his drivers phone. Usually how it works. When I got a estimate from him I had to go pick him up at his place and bring him to the house during evening hours.
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