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    Well, interview went great! Got a great job offer. Put in my 2 weeks notice at my current employer. Looks like I will be the new Marketing Manager at Ohio Valley Indian/All Seasons Powersports Can-Am/Country Roads Ford & Honda. My 2 favorite things, graphic design and motorcycles.
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    Typical of @Bad324 's recreational vehicles. Parked.
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    First week at the new job in the books. Got to take a bike off the showroom floor for a spin on my lunch break.
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    Couple of today's jumbled brain misfires: Things to make one sad Merry, loaded on truck, now on way to new owner in Texas Things to make one happy My Son Spencer, his first presentation was today at the Annual Society for Neuroscience gathering in Washington DC. He's published now. Soooo proud
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    So a quick description of what happened today, and what happens next. There were about 6 bills before the committee today, ours was second to last. The one thing that really surprised me was how engaged pretty much all of the Reps were. They paid attention to each speaker, asked good questions. Not what I expected. When ours came up I ad libbed my prepared testimony, hit all the points. I got a few questions, that was interesting. I noticed from the people before me there was a very specific way you answer a question and my boss had warned be about it, for example: Rep Smith: Mr. Kennedy, what about these loud bikes..is this about that? Me: (looking first at the Chairman) Chairman Green through Rep Smith, we hate loud bikes too. This is about wind noise that exceeds 110DB inside our helmets. You don't talk to each Rep even when they talk to you...you sorta answer/talk to the Chairman only. I can tell you that whoever started this idea and decided to not try and get ear buds allowed is a freaking genius, that was an issue. They wanted to be sure that was not included, and I feel it would have killed it in the committee. We will make it out of committee no problem at the next meeting and Josh is pretty confident it will sail through the House. Then we start the process all over in the Senate, Josh will lead that charge and keep me/us posted.
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    Isaac turned 18 yesterday. I'm officially old enough to have an adult child.
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    Forgot to add that when he knocked on the door, it was answered with a gun... still want the address?? LOL
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    I received confirmation for my Saddlesore 1000 today. Finally made official. A slow process for sure.
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    That's a cool pic. Too bad it was ruined by that mullet mobile.
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    Hey @Casper I can't believe my Camaro won something! Pretty exciting
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    I have confession to make. Against doctors orders I rode the motorcycle twice last weekend and again today. My defense is the weather was so nice I had to ride, it is so great to ride again.
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    Used to be pretty active on here but life (aka kids) kinda took me off of two wheels for a while. Just wanted to reintroduce myself and say that I am glad to be back on OR and glad to be back on two wheels as I picked up a '99 Honda VFR. Looking forward to getting back into riding and talking with you guys! ~Drew
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    Josh from former Rep Goodman's office just called me. All of the people I emailed called him. He is still the LA for that district until someone new comes in and maybe fires him. He is working VERY hard to get our bill and some other bills picked up by another Rep. And the Chair of the Committee I went before is working on it also. Josh is still confident, but there will be a bit of a delay before it goes to the Committee for a vote.
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    I'm sure if you send Mike nudes he can hook you up with a suit sized correctly.
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    Cursing at 70 MPH will make your f*#ki@g gas mileage go into the gd mf$^! crapper faster than a $10 whore goes down on Michael Jordan, @$$h01e....
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    This came in the mail today...
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    Cute face, slim waist, and a big behind!? Dibs on Paul.
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    Ok, it is on for sure. I am leaving Cleveland at some ungodly hour tomorrow to drive down there. Meeting Josh in the State House a little before 9. There are 5 or 6 bills on the agenda so don't know exactly when I will be on. There is someone else from a 'motorcycle advocacy group' also testifying. To the best of Josh's knowledge there is no opposition speakers. Had to go buy a suit coat FFS, my suit doesn't fit me anymore. I may need to get in on the weight loss thread. I will talk to Josh in detail about the next steps after it clears committees. We still have to get leadership to bring it to the floor and then at that point I think we will need to make the Rep's phones ring with supporters. It's good that this rep is an R since they control the House.
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    Added a new (to me) exhaust. It’s a scorpion, found it on ebay. Great condition. Also found a used tank Braw. Not very popular these days, but I really like it. The new pipe sound really good. Not very loud at all, but give is a nice low tone growl. Also I keep buying cheap saddle bags from c-list or the Facebook market place. This is the second set of 20$ bags I have found. These were new with tags. Not very impressed. They are smaller than the other ones, and they don’t smash the rear turn singles. They are really cheap. But will give them a shot. These also have rain covers. I keep thinking ill come across a nice used set of Cortech bags or may be SW-Motech bags.
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    So I stop by one of my dyslexic friends house this morning and walked in on him putting black shoe polish on his penis. I yell at him you idiot you are supposed to turn your clocks back.
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    I'm not fucked up. I'm normal. The rest of you cunts are bonkers.
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    I've got some nice Q3 tires for you if you need them. Only used on the edges, so they should be fine for you.
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    Just throwing this out there, if I do win this year I will give the prize to second place.
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    I know how everyone has an opinion, but I would like some technical thoughts on going with an Electric Motorcycle. Zero has some decent reviews, etc, on their last two years of bikes, and I am seriously considering getting one for the daily commute. https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-ds/ I've got a lead on a DSR(actually DSP - Police model that has been gathering dust for two years), and would like to hear some $0.02 from the motorheads here.
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    Dang, I had figured for sure he had gotten one of these.
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    Never will I own a Harley. Never
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    Any time - although I don't know how much longer the seasons are. Most of the deer here are Mule Deer - slightly bigger than white tail, big ears, dunno what other differences there are. Can't go a day without seeing them, either Some from the back porch...
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    This thread is turning out to be a great example of what happens when you put faith in government to do anything right.
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    from dead last to 3rd, I'm coming for you guys
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    Mine is a 30" Masterbuilt electric 800 watt and I've had no problem smoking anything in it. All 4 sides are insulated, so that helps. I haven't used it in the dead of winter, but I suspect it'll be fine. The key to any smoker is to minimize opening the door. I use a wireless dual probe thermometer, so at least I don't need to open it to check temperatures.
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    We went with a quieter resort surrounded by a little bit of nature instead of something in the hotel zone. Ocean Maya Royale, 4 star all inclusive. Villas instead of a hotel. We got direct flights to Cancun, room upgrade, & transportation to/from the airport for around $2k. (5 days/4 night).
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    hate all you want but it's my mullet mobile and she's lovely
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    If there were only a popular local motorcycle web site a motorcycle dealer's marketing manager could advertise on.
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    I think I'll wait for the Road Eleventyhundred to be released. It oughta have a shit ton of sipes by then
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    I think Francis is a nice man, but a bad Catholic. While the Catholic church was due for reform, you can't just rewrite dogma without undermining the entire religion. It's very hard to argue that an eternal, all knowing god changed his mind because people's social opinions changes & some of the church's rules became unpopular
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