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    266K "possible" cases and only 1 confirmed death. Still safer than going to Portland for the protests (cough, riots). 😁
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    Rode 470 miles today. Spent majority of those miles with @Skinny guy. I was blown away by the number of cars that pulled over and let us go by. It was close to double digit numbers. I’m not sure whose educating these drivers. Thanks whoever you are. It was a great day, fun times today.
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    Ordered a new Anakee rear, because I missed my off-road trip and now I am planning a street ride. I need 2 wheelsets.
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    Added a new Honda to the stable. It has more torque than a Grom
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    So I checked this place out a couple months ago and it was amazing. My 5 and 7 yr olds (4 and 6 at the time) loved it. Very well built motocross facility. Lots of room for parking. The owner was around and checked in with us a couple times to see how we were doing and if the kids were enjoying the track.
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    People don't follow the basic rules now, do you really think Americans would follow more rules? I don't, I think people would push back and there would be protest against more restrictions. If we would follow basic rules we would not be in the mess we are. My grandparents taught me to wash my hands and cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough... I never stopped doing this.
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    Cleaning Bike from trip. 918 miles. 17hrs. of riding time in three days.
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    Photo I just took of @jacobhawkins at MidOhio. Next, In front of a stadium
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    Tinker less ride more would be my recommendation. People always seem to try to squeeze "moar powa" out of bikes and usually just make them unreliable and give them problems. Just seems like a rabbit hole I never want to go down, but thats just me. These machines are engineered for long term reliability why mess with that?
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    it's just a road with curves...good ol' Hiro over thinking things again.
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    Perfect riding day.... Helmutt, my brother, father and I went for a ride today. First time my dad rode with both his kids.
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    Sounds like a clutch push rod seal seeping.😁 Invites us all to a garage day at your place serving endless food and drinks and I am sure someone will fix your bike. P.S. Warn your community.
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    Interesting piece of info. Nice guy nevertheless. Can't wait to get back out for some fun. My youngest got a 4 stroke 90cc for his 5th bday and I've just finished muffler restriction plate removal, air box mod, acid dipping the mid pipe and dropping 2 teeth off the front sprocket for my oldest on his pw80. (It's got a little bit more pep now πŸ™‚) He just turned 7 and I just put all new plastics on it. He can't wait to ride in the morning.
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    Not following any route. Just using my compass for direction and going left or right at each opportunity to make my way to a predetermined location. If the road looks good for my current bike set up, I take it, If not I go to the next turn in the direction I am heading to the next point with a final overnight spot with hotel,food,shower,drink's and a pool.
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    Few shots from last weekend.
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    When a semi passes you on the right it’s time to get out of the fast lane
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    Dr. Pauly....... could this effect also be related to ones motorcycle riding abilities?
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    Way to address the core of my responses. Lol show me this magical 100% seal mask that people can feasibly buy and use in public. Don't move the goalposts, of course there will be restrictions, I'm pretty sure I pointed that out? And tell me what businesses are still closed? Also did you miss the part where I noted that I disagreed with the way the shut down was handled? Get it together. Seriously, look up the .026 number. It's not that hard to get it right. And you're critically misunderstanding why people talk about the fact that it's so widely asymptomatic and why it makes it so dangerous. Learn. To. Read.
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    I have never been "blown" on a face. I have .....NVM. That would be a different thread.
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    Here's the picture I got from laying on the ground, then everyone copied me... πŸ˜‚
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    https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/515453-sturgis-motorcycle-rally-was-superspreading-event-that-cost-public 266,000 COVID-19 cases tied to Stuuuuuuhuuuuurgis.
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    This is the best I can do. Honda NSR 250 will be fine for the track.
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    Don't think I've ever known anybody who had a Wrangler that was "done".
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    Had a great ride Saturday 9/5 @Skinny guy starting in Carrollton. Stopped at the big muskie bucket. Route 43, 171, 542, 39, 751, 93, 83, 78, 564, 145, 821, 60, 26, 800, 145, 9, 164, 43
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    I washed and waxed it. I also cleaned, adjusted, and lubed the chain. Hopefully everything aligns with my schedule and the weather next Saturday and I can get a long ride in.
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    Hung out with a big fucking basket!
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    Had front & rear Michelin Road 5's put on my Kaw H2 SX SE along with an oil change by the best mechanics on the OR....... Whaler and his son Brooks. THANKS!
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    January, I believe. I rode it home from the dealership in the snow.
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    I ran into NinjaDoc on the road one day last summer and he told me about the forum. Just got around to creating an account. I’m a back roads sport-touring rider. Looking forward to meeting and riding with some of you.
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    Got these in preparation for my next tire change. My Michelin Pilot RSs are about done in the middle. Too much commuting miles... I really liked these on my stock wheels, but they were hard to find for the 8.3mm aftermarket wheels.
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    I listened to both lay out their vision for the path forward for America. I made up my own mind and completely ignored the media telling me how I should feel about it. I'm convinced that 4 years from now, we'll be in a better place with Trump then we would be with Biden.
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    240Mile Lunch at Marv's Place in Sardis today. 78 to Woodsfield and south on 536, one of the Greatest Dragon like road in Ohio (IMHO) But... It has major wash out rebuilding going on with a few one lane traffic lights to deal with. down to Hannibal 7 to Sardis, 260-26 to Marietta and 550 http://www.supportraven23.com/
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    Start a new thread about the issue, add pics. Plenty of people here will help point you in the right direction on what to check and what the something is. Good luck
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    2021 Road King after they shaved 15 lbs?
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    I rode it on the gravel roads in Coshocton. The new tires are better on road than I expected. Nowhere near comfortable as the Anakee, but I can street these and keep pace. I might not try to carry as much speed in a sweeper, but they transition switchbacks fairly well. They're loud..like, I can always hear them. Freeway or 35mph.. they be hummin. Also, I can feel them jiggle when I wiggle. If I push the front hard, the bike holds its line, but it's dancing the electric boogaloo during entry. If I change my riding style, it gets better. I usually take corners at 90⁰ (figuratively, but you get it) and gas hard coming out. These are not those kind of tires. Overall... they're neat, but probably overkill for my current stage in ADV. No regrets, cause they look aces on the bike.
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    I certainly am confused and scared of these sheep. I LOVE that someone is considering you to be a leftist. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT GENDER YOU ARE OMG. hahahaha
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    I taste it every once in a while.
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