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    I believe Mike (from Mid-O) will be teaching Novice with Lean this year at Nelson when they are not running the Endurance Racing this year. Check the schedule at www.leantd.com. I have been under his teaching several times with Lean and he is quite good. Besides, it's a close track to home and it's pretty good to learn on with the new surface. I highly recommend Lean for a first track day for Isaac. Just my experience. Sam is a pretty good guy and can answer any questions prior to going.
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    Just an FYI that was nesba as we talked about this when I took Lyns out in novice with motoseries at Pitt. Not looking to change your mind just letting you know that N2 is not the same.
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    Odds are if the company in Italy is real, this US office isn’t. Call the Italian corporate office and ask.
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    If it's a scam, the exact situation is probably posted somewhere online. They reuse what works. Mid-brexit uk or continental europe? Trial employment scam: The applicant is told that they were selected as one of two people to go through a three-week trial period. The name of the company and the website seem legitimate, but they ask you to fill out a contract with personal information including your Social Security number. You get the job right away. After a quick phone or Instant Message interview, the ‘interviewer’ immediately contacts you to offer you the job.
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    I know, I need to bring down the Fireturd but all depends on the Softball schedule. Also holy shit Pauly you moved!
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    19 he’s good to go then. When track opens back up for season I’ll see if we’re doing promo certs again, if so I’ll get one to you. Bill and Brian occasionally hand out a couple discount certs an couple free ones for us to give to people that haven’t done a PTR day yet
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    Jacob and I ran a STT day in November and they did a good job all around, tech was strict and so were the CRs on track. From what I saw, their N group was pretty controlled too, it seemed like they broke into groups and followed the coach and each group was running a different pace. Mid-O instructors on here, I think the only one might have been @rusty but I don't know who is still teaching there with their new rules - nothing that affects the riders, just the CRs. Rusty will let a person know when they are doing stupid shit and how they suck at riding and should ride more like him. He means well, russians just show kindness in a different way, mainly hostility. 😂
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    I have been to a N2 track day. CBRs with bald tires passing tech inspection? Multiple crashes and a life flight before lunch? Control riders making passes so close they take down other riders? Not happening. Not up for discussion. So, who are the Mid-Ohio instructors on this forum?
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