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  2. meh ammo has been insane since the rush on it during the Obama "scare", and it has never gone back down. still have your ammo and guns though!
  3. If you listen reeeeeeally hard it sounds like an Judd V-8 *sometimes* I'm working on finding a backup bike right now, and I've convinced my girlfriend that it'll be "her" bike Thank you, I've been recovering mine from a pit of neglect, and quickly fallen in love with it. I was cheap buying it, and have paid for it since.. To be honest, riding on the track is really intimidating for me.. But there is only one way to get over it...
  4. Love the VFR. Classic street bike perfection. Trick #2: Confidence is a byproduct of track days. Not the other way around. Get your gear and get out there. Welcome.
  5. trick #1- have a backup bike welcome to the site, the older VFRs sound really neat
  6. Hey everyone! I ride a 1997 Viffer, and I've only been riding for about a year now. I'm looking to do some safe, fun sport riding, and work up the confidence in my skills to get on the track! I live down in Cincinnati and ride every chance I get. Currently my bike is tore apart in the garage, so I'm going through some significant moto withdrawals..... Pretty easy going guy, looking for like minded people, and maybe a salty dog or two who can teach me their old tricks hahaha
  7. Still waiting on @Casper to either refund my membership payment or fix my privilege's
  8. Really? Basic safety wiring isnt hard. Are you blaming something like requiring some basic safety wire the cause of Mid Ohio becoming no longer relevant as a motorcycling track? Thats absurd. It's the pavement there that's caused motorcycles to fall out there. It really sounds like someone hasnt had to scrub a track to clean of oil or coolant in the middle of a track day in the summer heat still wearing their 1pc leathers while loosing track time in the process.... and it shows.
  9. When they started requiring intermediate to safety wire they crossed the line into "really guys?" Loads of videos at other tracks of people with mirrors that aren't even taped up!, no safety wired anything, stock coolant, and somehow the world doesn't end. I'm sure they wouldn't have upped the requirements if they didn't have a problem at some point, but if other tracks are doing it why can't they?
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  11. Just focusing on other things for a little while.
  12. Ok, that is good news. I did consider marking this topic as spam so no one would see it.
  13. This is a clean Duc. Super fast. Super safe. Super duper sexy. Almost as sexy as the GSA.... almost. Good luck, Ben. Let me know if you decide to dip your toes back into the pool. I'll roll with you any day, Friend. Until then, we will always have beer and golf.
  14. 2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200S Touring w/8900 miles $13,500 obo My favorite bike I’ve ever owned, hands down. Cruise control, heated grips, GPS dash mount with power. Antilock brakes, wheelie control, etc. Four preset but customizable riding modes: sport, touring, urban, and enduro. Full touring pack with side and top cases, including liners. Garmin Zumo XT navigation. Givi tanklock tankbag. Michelin PR5 tires. Always garaged. Only scratches are on the side cases from the previous owner. I also have leather Alpinestars jackets (42 and 44), Alpinestars Atem suit (44), boots, helmets, gloves, etc for sale that we could work into a deal.
  15. I'd browse the WERA forums or N2 forums. http://forums.13x.com/index.php https://forum.n2td.org/index.php
  16. The liner of the suit is laid out with a mesh panel to reduce friction in movement and also, provide additional cooling capacity. Call 866-931-6644 to order today!
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