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  1. Yesterday
  2. Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    Maybe. Planning on riding tomorrow.
  3. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    Okay, I'm going. I have a friend that may go with me. If anyone wants to split a room, let me know. I'll most likely ride there since the whole trailering my bike deal would be more costly...
  4. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    This^^^ Did this in August and it was awesome. Day 2 we headed down thru Hot Springs and across 28 to the gap. Great ride. I slabbed down in June and that was a long ride.
  5. Most of my type ratings are Gulfstream.
  6. Made it to our first dinner for the night. Buffalo Wild Wings. Only a short walk...
  7. What did you do to your bike today?

    Thread is what did you do to your bike TODAY. SEO for 280 miles.
  8. What did you do to your bike today?

    Changed the oil in the SV last weekend. It needed it. Need to flush the water out of the 1k before it gets too cold.
  9. This thread is worthless without pictures.
  10. I aint doing shit. Tim is on charge.
  11. Silly riding.

    him pointing out your hypocrisy does not make him a Contrarian. It makes him someone willing to point out your (and others) hypocrisy, nothing more
  12. Silly riding.

  13. Silly riding.

    What oil is best for silly riding, asking for a friend that's running Shinkos and likes chicken wings
  14. Silly riding.

    you two would make for some fine passionate love making and hate fucking
  15. I'm gonna try to get out of work a little early. @Tonik I thought you were gonna be the pivot man?
  16. Heritage 22lr/22mag

    I like shooting revolvers. I used to have a bad ass, scoped .44mag that was an absolute tack driver. But, I don't see that they have any tactical advantage over a semi. You'd see them in more military or police action if they did. YMMV.
  17. Heritage 22lr/22mag

    So suck it up and buy a G19 or 17... Maybe I'll have to spend more time with one from the rental case and see if I can adjust my grip enough to enjoy the G19. If there's one happy side effect from that Chiappa revolver search, it was finding the 10 round 22lr revolver for $199. That adequately fulfills my original desire for the Heritage Rough Rider, at a reasonable price-point, in a caliber I have thousands of on-hand.
  18. For those following our MotoAmerica run

    Pole time was right around 2:00 with the chicane. So about 4 seconds faster if you take out the chicane like at track days.
  19. For those following our MotoAmerica run

    Last race of the season. All in the points race. Trip to Spain on the line. Potential sponsors watching to see who's hungry for a ride in 2018. Racing. What they don't clearly show there is Standish is lucky to be alive. The guard rail got his neck between his helmet and suit and sliced him open then he was pinned under the bike. The safety team was completely on their game that day and he lived to race again. They got the bleeding controlled and the bike removed then a very fast ride to the ER and surgery. That kid had an angel watching him that day no question
  20. I should be there before 530
  21. If not for this damn Achilles surgery...I'd so be there. The weather has been great this fall. Right now, I'd be happy to be doing anything out of the house.
  22. Brodie is the newbie so he gets that Duty
  23. For those following our MotoAmerica run

    Racing happens.
  24. Wife is rescued, picked up my trinket at pony, picked up my new glasses and now on the way home to get the bike.
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