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  2. Ego's used to be much more fragile in those days. Not mine though, since I used to the the fastest sport bike rider in Ohio... until this guy came along. I mean, I knew this day would eventually come, I just didn't think it would take this long. I'll just have to settle on being the smartest, coolest, wealthiest, sexiest, and most humble rider in Ohio now. 😔
  3. Yesterday
  4. 48 hours and this thread isn't on page 8 of comments yet. I miss the old OR
  5. F... Yeah, Sounds like a spring Epic ride in the making. I knew you would come back Derek. I'll sweep with video.
  6. Hmmmm, I feel like this is my kind of guy. Let's go... I'll try to keep up.
  7. Last week
  8. I have a R2000 and it is a very nice lid for the money.
  9. Monster Energy forks?! Holy shit!! I can't even fuck with this guy!
  10. Something, something, tech inspection, something something.
  11. Glocks have a safety but it is integrated into the trigger like many polymer handguns. My 75 SP-01 Tactical doesnt have a safety, just a decocker. DA/SA.
  12. Do I have to listen to that music at fuel stop?
  13. Why not go to the track? Fewer critters, no cops, lots of competition, and you are not putting others at risk (who didn't ask it). The big question I have... Can you do more than 1.80 doing wheelies and flipping the bird?
  14. I thought that the fast guys ride on leader bikes!
  15. I had a chance to shoot an older PPQ and the Match version of the same gun a few years ago. I thought they were pretty nice guns. Hopefully you will find the same when ammo is available again. I haven't been to a gun store in probably 6 months but the stuff I have seen online is too friggin expensive and borderline price gouging to even consider buying anything right now. I hope things settle down after the change of power in the oval office and prices start to fall but if Biden continues to saber rattle about bans it may be a long 4 years till we get someone more 2A friendly in office and ammo comes back in stock.
  16. It can't possibly be safe to ride with someone that is this fast. All they are going to do is attract the police then they will run away so fast you are left to deal with the aftermath. This is why whenever possible you ride with people that are slower than you are. Perhaps the OP shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag about how awesomely fast he is if he wants others to play with him. Besides who rides a sport bike anymore, most of us are on slow old man bikes currently.
  17. Speaking of taurus and PPQ, new 6mm home office addition this week.
  18. @99gsxr750king what’s your favorite road to ride?
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