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  2. Gone. Picked up the challenger the week I got back.
  3. Thanks man. I’m really digging it.
  4. Are they shipping the Yammie to you, or is it gone?
  5. Test ride cost me just over $20,000 Fueled up on my way back from the gap and walked around an Indian dealership just to stretch my legs and this was the end result
  6. We aren't even busy yet. Just had a meeting to discuss the next year and it's about to get really rough. Same job. Covid has allowed a giant corporation to shift into high gear. We support this "essential" business.
  7. For the most part you are reading it incorrectly. There may be a few races where 600's and 1000's are gridded together. Keep in mind they are still in separate classes so you will have a winner for the 600 class and one for the open (1000) class. Senior superbike being one that i can think of off the top of my head. This class is for racers over 40 so for the most part everyone rides responsibly. You can race a 600 in the 1000 class if you want to and some people do that. A classes are for 1000's and C classes are for 600's. I've never seen those classes on the grid together.
  8. Is there any signs of work slowing down for you? Did you change jobs since last year?
  9. I work 70 hours a week and am hiding from my government.
  10. So what's the real story with Casper, Tonik and Pauly?? Trump's new online new directive of site owners are now liable for all things anybody posts killing things? (Normally a Dem would do that...) Or......? --- baby crickets are growing...
  11. @TimTheAzn how’d it go today?
  12. Yesterday
  13. Day3 Made it home 707miles of back road scratching thru WV. land. 15.30 hrs of riding time. Day2. Made it across the Monongahela 4000ft fog on route39 to a old favorite R219N. To 33/to32N overnight Davis,WV. Much has changed over the years. Also the colors are looking good. Two days at 460 miles. 10.23 hrs. Road time. Day1. Just pulled in to Hawks Nest Lodge down in Ansted, WV. Route 16 did not disappoint. 212 miles at 5hr.
  14. I am not outside because I am working, so my tax money can fund all the unemployed, due to government imposed economic shutdowns.
  15. Why are you not outside today!
  16. I just wanted to quote that...because kung-flu hasn't been around long term yet to quantify long term affects. Silly hoax statements.
  17. I just want that quoted. And for the rest of ya'll selfish fools that are in the "but, it doesn't affect me" camp. I sure hope you find some empathy someday, but I think it'll take something that'll rock you to the core before you get it. Ohh, and don't forget the long-term affects of organ damage for those that it doesn't become fatal for... https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/coronavirus-long-term-effects/art-20490351 ...good thing we live in a country that wouldn't count that as a pre-existing condition for your future health insurance premiums. /s Go ahead and google "coronavirus long term effects college athletes" to see how this silly liberal hoax affects what is arguably the healthiest among us. Even if it isn't fatal, losing cardio and lung capacity would be a real kick in the nuts for those of us that enjoy an active and fitness-oriented lifestyle.
  18. Average life expectancy is the US is 78. "Old people" who are most at risk are dying anyways. DeWine, being about 73, is just scared and forcing everyone to live like they already have one foot in the grave...like him. Survival rates: - 0 to 19 yrs old is 99.997% - 20 to 49 yrs old is 99.98% - 50 to 69 yrs old is 99.5% - 70+ yrs old is 94.6% Let people decide their own way of living over a virus that is minimally fatal. You have a higher chance of being shot and killed in Chicago than dying of the kung-flu in Ohio.
  19. Looking at the WERA link, it appears they do not separate 600 and 1000 bikes during the race. Maybe I am reading it incorrectly.
  20. Can we loot tires too?( I was thinking pilot sport 5 at first)
  21. Last week
  22. Putting Ohlins on that bike is laughable....
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