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  2. lol the direction of your bike needs to catch up with the direction of everything else going on. idk how you did this haha
  3. Source? That sounds different than what I remember from biology classes.
  4. As well, the amount of time you're are exposed to the "cloud" of droplets. Your risk increases with the total amount of droplets you've inhaled.
  5. yes. if you get hit with 1 droplet it starts small, then grows over time and allows your immune system time to get ramped up. if you get hit with 1000 droplets your immune system is essentially getting nuked from everywhere all at once.
  6. I don't understand why that is news. But I have seen many maskers telling others to get educated that masks don't protect yourself . -shrug- Does the amount of droplets change the intensity of the infection though?
  7. Anybody can find a study to support their point of view... https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577
  8. https://www.ucdavis.edu/coronavirus/news/your-mask-cuts-own-risk-65-percent/
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  10. Mine hides under my grill cover. They must be related.
  11. I heard a chap in WV spout this gem today... "Wearing a mask 4 months after an outbreak is like wearing a condom to a baby shower." Poor fucking idiot is actually convinced he is intelligent.
  12. Do drivers other than forum members notice the red color more?
  13. The photo of the wet overlook with the sunny hole in the clouds is a great shot ! 👍👍
  14. Ohh if I send a membership request make sure I get accepted
  15. Yes, it was. Hell yes. Thats the only reason I'm a member of that group - to watch the dumpster fire and stir the pot.
  16. The concerns about touching the masks and touching other stuff are all valid and everyone should be trying harder. Beating this dead horse is getting old but try to remember that the current accepted primary method of transmission is by far via the microdroplets of water/saliva/phlegm/semen that you all expell from your mouth/sinus cavities/throat/lungs. Even a cotton mask, when worn properly, reduces that transmission by a lot even if only 1 person wears it. Ideally most effective when everyone is wearing it. So keep your cum burps to yourselves by wearing a mask and try not to give other people all the germs. K thx bai
  17. What you talkin bout Willis? I've had the same bike for 7 years. Your loosing your mind. 😁 :lol: Eventually they turn purple and falls off but thats only after you go blind. Wait? Wut?
  18. Here is my biggest issue with mask....PEOPLE WON'T STOP FUCKING WITH THEM!... You put a mask on your face with clean(ish) hands you should leave it the fuck alone. Traveling this week here has been my observations. Workers, servers, travelers basically everyone. Is reaching up and touching their face, mouth and mask seemingly every 30 seconds. In my opinion is this is actually worse than not wearing one in some ways. Mask are making people put their hands near on on their face and mouths far more then the should be. Your server at the restaurant is wearing mask to protect you (supposedly). He has his mask on around you, goes to the kitchen drops it, fidgits with it, wipe the sweat from his chin from the mask being worn. Then refills you're drink, brings you condiments ect. You touch these items with your hands while eating your food. Case 2: Average Joe walking or driving down the street not required to wear one unless walking into a business. But his hands go to his mask and mouth every time he has to put it back on. Now his germs are all over his hands then touches everything around him. Then the next guy does the same. I think we were beter off when we were preaching WASH YOURS HANDS and STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE
  19. They are ! I got there Monday for the private twilight prepared to camp because i registered for the next day. At about 4pm they said over the loud speaker that the next day was canceled. I think they dont want bikes there and are trying to deter people. They have a new rule if not enough people pre register they just cancel the day . I kinda understand that but......now it makes people more afraid to sign up. So i plan to take off work and set up m schedule just for you to pull the plug at 4pm the day before? No thanks! Or i cant imaging people who traveled far to get there . Track is garbage so of course nobody signs up. There is always a risk of rain but other orgs/tracks sell out weeks in advanced because you could ride if you wanted. Even with full on wets nobody is riding Mid Ohio. I plan on have a full wet set up next year because i will ride in the rain if need be just not there .
  20. some hot grom action. yes that's half a roll of duct tape holding my leathers together. they take a beating 😐
  21. I do not have a problem wearing a mask but the truth is 99% of the masks people wear work about as well as your underwear do stopping a fart.
  22. what

    Anyone else looting?

    https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/firefighter-shot-on-freeway-while-driving/ 😬
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