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  3. Rewired the crappy USB plug in the glove box to be an SAE connector. Now I have a fast charger instead of a useless slow charge, and another SAE plug for things I may need.
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  5. I ain't been there in over a year. Full work from home. Next time let me know, would still let you by me lunch.
  6. Look where I was today at 11:55. If I would have seen a Goldwing in the parking lot someone could have gotten lunch.
  7. I only know one place in Charleston and its called Pies and Pints. Its been a solid 8 years probably since I've been but it was awesome pizza and beer
  8. I'll get some pictures for this. It has been sitting due to the covid thing so it needs the battery charged etc. There is a kinda blurry photo in my contact section. I'll get some more this weekend weather permitting. Windscreen has been changed to smoke and better mirrors are on lt.
  9. Sold the VStrom, so I need to sell the cases. A pair of Givi E41 keyless side cases, a Givi Maxima Mono Key 55 liter top case, (and all mounting brackets for a 2002-2012 VStrom). After 9 years, The cases show a little bit of wear, but are in very good condition. I Would prefer to sell top case and side cases as a set since the locks are keyed for one key. New, this set up would cost around $1,200. OR price is $700, plus shipping at your cost (if applicable). I’m located in Vermilion, on Lake Erie. Willing to deliver if less than 100 miles. (I’m retired…I’ve got lots of time). I’m not very active on OR, but Pauly and Tonik both know me. The cases are packed away right now, but I can get photos for serious inquiries. They basically look like this:
  10. Said goodbye to Strom today. Had countless great days exploring thousands of miles of backroads, skyline drive, blue ridge parkway, north GA mountains, and beyond, but haven’t really been riding it lately. So… off to a new owner 👍 Back to just one MC in the garage for the first time in 12 years.
  11. Good! Buy it before I do!!
  12. Pictures? I am very interested in this! Cheers!
  13. 100 MPH in 2nd gear and 3 more gears!! Only $1000 for OR peeps Yes that's right my friends this absolutely classic go-fast can be yours. For a mere few dollars you too can be seen as the envy of the motorcycle community! Your significant other will see you with more respect! Your friends will take off their hats when you are around! Friends, you could pay more for less! This is a bike that will do the twisties as fast as your skills will let it. No butt-hurt on the super-slab with the Corbin seat. 8+ hours in 1 day personally tested just to make sure. Friends this bike comes with free wind in your face and air in every tire! (Medical issue otherwise I'd keep it) Specs: 1984 Gpz 750 (ZX 750A2) 60,000 ~ miles Class Sport/Touring bike Saddle Bags Corbin Seat Full Headers with a Yoshi Can - voted best sounding bike on great ride by people I passed Stainless Brake lines Engine 738cc, 4-stroke, transverse 4-cylinder, air-cooled, DOHC, 2 valve per cylinder Power 92 hp 67.2 KW / 9000 rpm - Yes thats right 90+ HP! Torque 6.5 kg-m @ 7000 rpm Ignition type Electronic Transmission 5-speed Uni-Trac rear suspension Dual Disc (front) Single Disc (rear) Tires Tubeless 110/80-16 (front) 130/80-18 (rear) Wheelbase 1500 mm Dimensions L 2185 mm W 775 mm Seat height 780 mm Weight 241 kg (531 lbs) (wet) Spark plugs NKG B9ES - 2611 gap .7 - .8 mm (.29in) NGK B8ES - 5722 (removable nipple) NKG connectors Clean title in hand Box-O-Parts included Weather proof Cover included Major work was done by Hoblick so you know it was done correctly. * Forks rebuilt with bypass plate * Head Gasket * New chain The Bad: Fuel spill on tank, needs touch up paint. I do have original paint to do it with so it will be a perfect match. Included with Box-O-parts. Will need tires soon Avon Road-Riders on it now, rear is showing wear.
  14. Thanks! I'll try to make it out depending on some work stuff.
  15. Tonik

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome and stuff. A fair number of us will be near you Sunday morning for a get together and a few free pulls on the Dyno. https://ohioriders.net/index.php?/topic/114832-08012021-meet-and-greet-at-dynotune-motorsports/page/3/&tab=comments#comment-1587636
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