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  1. Yesterday
  2. Finished the rear tire install, washed it, and lubed the chain. Hopefully there will still be a day or 2 I can get out at least for a short run.
  3. Actually remembered I still owned a bike and took her out to smash some bugs.
  4. Rode it to work. Swapped out the front tire. Removed the rear tire and just need to finish spooning the new rear tire on.
  5. FORD

    2019 Ninja 1000 abs

    Thanks Gary and Pauly. The bike is sold.
  6. Last week
  7. Hope you didn't get the beans on top of the frank!
  8. got my damn riding pants gusset caught in the zipper hard. might put a stiff patch on if I get it undone without destroying them. have never had jeans' denim get stuck in a zipper.
  9. Postponed, at least. https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/strangeness-a-bronx-cheer
  10. RymerC

    Let them die.

    Thought they killed the bronx?
  11. CJ74U2NV

    Let them die.

    Erik Buell is smiling somewhere
  12. mello dude

    Let them die.

    The new Bronx and the Cafe bike don't look too bad..
  13. CJ74U2NV

    Let them die.

    Freedom Harley in North Canton is closing as a Harley Dealer. They'll be Freedom Cycle as of November 1.
  14. I am not sure what day I am looking to go yet, or if I can at all to be honest. I will let you know though. Will either be the weekend you are going or the one before that.
  15. Angel soft is better than Charmin. Kawasaki is better than Suzuki. .... You all are arguing about shit you can only change at the polls... Or when politicians stop lying.
  16. Also noticed my upper clutch adjuster screw has play when I pull the lever. There's 5 threads in and it has a spring notch rather than a jam nut
  17. I just booked the Nov 21st at CMP. I was not able to make it to Barber for the N2 event. If that ends up working for you let me know. We're not too far apart.
  18. Radial swap levers came in. They are thick. I thought there would be more finger access with the cutout but it's further out. They are longer than my current levers but the adjustable adaptor thickness matches them unlike the shorty that came on the master. Put the clutch on . It came with a brass bushing but it was bigger then the bolt. Don't look as good but the lever bevel is a little more comfortable current levers
  19. Barber is pretty cool... not my favorite track but most everyone else loves it. It just isn't as fast as you would think it would be... has cool elevation change, was just repaved, and the facilities are the best in the business. CMP was also just repaved, and I think the lay out looks more fun to me but that is all subjective and the facilities are nowhere near as nice as barber. I am still trying to get to a weekend at either of those 2 tracks, maybe we can ride share if things work out.
  20. I don't know anyone on OR that's done both. I know @Jester_ has done Barber.
  21. Has anyone here have an opinion on Barber versus Carolina Motorsports Park? Trying to head south in November to get one more day or two in.
  22. You do realize that by following the cult of trump and believing everything they say that you yourself are a sheep being led right?
  23. You one them sheepdogs I hear about? Ever vigilant.. waiting and watching in the darkness like Batman. Do you have a cape and fancy car with missiles and switches?
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