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  2. New pads look just a tad thicker...lol
  3. 2010 and up C14s have it, people bitched becaus it sucked they then refined it in 2014. Guess its better now. I have one of the unicorns. 2008 nonlinked with ABS, love it that way.
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  5. My R1 has a linked system like that as well. It makes a noticeable difference when both tires are on the ground.
  6. What mirrors & bar ends are you guys using? Need to get rid of the stock ones on my MT 07
  7. Not sure about your BMW, but on mine when I pull the front brake lever, the bike decides which brakes are applied based on some German algorithm that considers many factors. A light squeeze on the front brake lever will only apply the rear brake in certain situations (you can actually feel it in the rear brake pedal). It's actually a really good system and works seamlessly.
  8. I trail brake all the time. Only way to get 1100 lbs of motorcycle, big man and pack mule gear to handle as fast as I make the big girl do what she does. But trail braking is done with the front brakes not the rear.
  9. Took a little ride yesterday. This pictures is from our trip back down 164. Ran into a grumpy bagger on the way up. We had been following him and his pinnion up 164 to Kilgore. He pulled into the general store lot on the corner and we did the same because a semi jumped in front of us and we didn't want to follow that all the way up. I said hi and he just cursed under his breath and pulled out of the lot. I think that was really uncalled for. Passed him the opposite way later in the day on route 212 and rightfully gave him the bird.
  10. Oh, I'll probably never check my rear pads again. I only ever use the rear when stopped on a hill. I cut the adjuster bolt at the master cylinder shorter so I could lower the pedal farther than the stock configuration would allow.
  11. I'd say about 20% of people around where I live in Columbus wear masks. Also the mandatory mask thing isn't being enforced unless a store calls the cops on you after asking you to leave and you don't. And even then it would be a trespassing call and not a call over someone not wearing a mask. They can't actually do anything to someone because they aren't wearing a mask.
  12. trailing with the rear is a quick ticket to highside city if things go sideways. highsides are not fun. all included puns intended.
  13. "everyone wears a fucking mask, dude" If 10% of the greater Akron area is wearing a mask in public, I will eat my shorts. Hell, I will eat your shorts. The only ones consistently wearing masks are people working with food, and even that is not 100%. There is no way you and I have remotely close to the same vantage point. I see the breakdown in our meeting in the middle, now.
  14. You been to a lot of places in a mask, have you? I was in Raleigh when that Subway was bombarded with assholes carrying AR-15s because they were protesting all of this fake, Covid bullshit. The fucking true believers are the shittiest ones in the group. I have yet to be in a physical confrontation(thankfully) , but I have been approached more than once. Not everyone carries their cell phones around their neck with the camera rolling... and there are plenty of vids online. Not all of thit is made up. However, for the sake of what actually matters, let's talk about the healthcare system. This is the infrastructure that WE ALL RELY ON TO KEEP US ALIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. What does their version of America do? FREEDUMB!! all the fuck over the place, when they could just wear the mask because it is in their own best interest, let alone yours and mine. Can we agree that we shouldn't need a law prohibiting fucking kids, but we have a law prohibiting fucking kids for a reason? Sometimes we need to protect ourselves from the absolute lunacy of ourselves. We. The. People. need to make sure our government works for us, even when we need them to. It's why it is there. Don't hold my hand, but use some of that money you get and do something about this whole "this century's plague" thingy. I can't believe our educational system has failed this miserably. We are a nation of idiots. We can do better.
  15. Nothing wrong with work place, school, etc... Every company/entity should have the right to make their own policy (just like businesses who ban guns)... We just don't need to have a fucking law about it. If it's really that bad, people will fall in line. There's no mandatory mask order in my town, but other than the grocery store every business has their own order already. Circle K? Requires mask. Native Grill? Mask. You don't need "mandatory" city/state/federal orders telling people what to wear... If they choose not to wear a mask and every store bans them, then fuck they made a poor choice.... You act like I'm anti-mask but I'm not, I'm anti Uncle Sam telling me wtf I'm supposed to do. Nobody says you're un-American for wearing a mask. Get over yourself. I generally get where you're coming from but come on now. Nobody is judging you for wearing a damn mask. Everyone fucking wears masks dude.
  16. How is making vaccines mandatory for school (childhood general population) any different than making masks mandatory for the workplace, malls and such? Both pose a serious health concern. Both are in place to protect the life of the other person and society as a whole. I will be the first to stand up for your right to defend your life with a firearm... hell, by any means necessary. I see the greater good in the right to self-defense and carry rights. These people saying I am not American because I am standing up for the right to not be harmed by a controllable organism (other countries have all but squashed the spread) because they're too entitled to throw on a lung condom can suck my patriotic dick. Fuck them and their regressive vision for my country. Since when did being American include reckless disregard for your countrymen? We can do better. We need to do better, or we are not going to make it. "Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness." Note the one that the other two depend on. Now they're going to tell me what the fuck it means to be an American? Blow me.
  17. Woah... hold the phone, Steve. I didn't call you anything. I asked a question. It's simple. If America would mask up, the discussion of mandatory masks would not be on the table. If Americans slowed their role just a bit, they might understand that masking is the best way to avoid an economic shutdown and a complete onslaught on our healthcare system. It is in EVERYONE'S best interest to put on a mask. This is undeniable, scientific fact. I am sorry if their Bald Eagles are a little bunched, but a very large majority of the population is beyond tired of the mindless drones shitting all over the place. The extreme "my feelings matter" lefties and the uber annoying "jesus loves murica" righties need to sit the fuck down and let the smart people do the driving for a few decades. Americans can do better, but here we are.. pandering to the spoiled brats.
  18. Mandatory to not go to jail? No they shouldn't be. Mandatory to join public schools? Absolutely. "mandatory" to who? Don't try to make me out to be some anti vaccine weirdo because I'm not that guy. If you wanna leave your weird fucking kids unvacc then fine whatever. Home school them, keep them away from my fucking kids who will get their shots to hopefully protecr them from weird fucks like you, and then I also hope your kid dies of polio 🤷🏻‍♂️ sooooo.... Yea I'm not that guy.... "mandatory"?? We talking death penalty? What do you even mean?
  19. Cause and effect seem to be a sticky wicket for most of you guys. You all realize the mask is the best way to avoid a hot spot, right? Percentages are a funny thing, too. It wasn't sent here via smoke bombs, so the whole "low percentage safe community" argument is seriously stupid. New York, Washington, San Fran... were all low percentage communities at one point.
  20. This reminds me of people who go 80 in the left lane and then get mad when someone tailgates them because they wanna go 90. Yall both still speeding, so who says you decide to what degree of law breaking is okay lolol... JS... I mean I use these spots too sometimes, but there's really nothing wrong with parking in a normal space... Who cares if a car doesn't see you and knocks it over? You have insurance. Parking in a no parking area seems just as likely to draw attention of some do-good who wants to push it over for you parking where you shouldn't. Cmonnnnn man.
  21. Do you believe vaccines should be mandatory?
  22. I've been wearing a mask for several weeks now once AZ began to be a hot spot. It is now mandatory most places (not in my town, tho by the way) but I am trying to do my part and be courteous. However, I still don't believe in mandatory mask orders. People should not be forced to wear anything. Should they? Sure. Mandated? It's fucking America and right or wrong that's why it's great to fucking be here. So, call me a covidiot and wish harm on my family or whatever gets your jollies off, but I'll never fucking agree and I'm not sorry either. I gave up talking about it here because some of yall like Tonik seem to be legitimately fucking terrified and I just don't feel that so I'm not gonna talk shit. Like my momma always said, when you have nothing nice to say, stfu 🤷🏻‍♂️.... So yall do whatever the fuck you want because this is America and its the only place on earth like it. I'll keep wearing my mask out of respect for others around me, but I will never judge anyone for choosing not to 🤷🏻‍♂️ and I will never support any mandatory mask orders. Idk why I'm even biting this hook again. Bunch crusty fucks about to jump in here and brag about not showering or buying groceries for 5 months... Queue Tonik
  23. Biden has 600 lawyers ready if the election is close. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/07/02/joe-biden-600-lawyers-ready-battle-trump-election-chicanery/5362546002/
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