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  2. Whoa!!! Best zombie thread revival EVER!!! A few weeks short of 12 years later.... 🙄
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  4. Man Accidentally Shoots Foam Into Penis (gizmodo.com) WTF?
  5. I thought I recognized that photo of Hawks Nest. I’ve been traveling out that way for years for Babes Ride Out. Beautiful area. We camp in Narrowsburg. Lots of great riding and plenty to see and do. I’m also a huge fan of NJ, I’ve also got friends there and love to visit.
  6. Noted. You are a busy Man. Well Done.
  7. @B-Mac Yes, this is different from the event at Canaan Valley. Yes, I'm crazy. But wait, it gets better. I also got talked into picking up the coordinator role for the MSTA Fall Colors event in Lewisburg WV.
  8. Hi Guys,It's been a while since I've posted here. But a riding buddy from New Jersey and I put together a ride event through the MSTA, centered in Milford PA. We would like to invite anybody who's more or less in the area. The event will run from check-in on Thursday Aug. 1 through check-out on Sunday. Two days of riding. We have reserved about half of the rooms in a highly rated family owned motel (10 of 19 rooms) just outside of Milford. We ran the event this past October on very short notice and we had a great time.The MSTA runs a number of fairly large events every year. But this one is a type that's called a "Just For Fun (JFF)." There's no entry fee, no banquet, and no T-shirts. Just some pre-prepared routes and the chance to hang out with some other riders. And we get a small discount from the motel. We ride in small groups and we will coordinate those at dinner the night before or just before we take off.If you’re not from the area and thought that NY and NJ were nothing but urban sprawl – get your butt up (over, or down) here, and we’ll show you some wilderness, cliffs, and maybe some Bald Eagles. You won’t be in any city traffic, but on a clear day, you can see NYC from the top of Perkins Memorial Drive. If you’re from the area, come on out and meet some other sport touring riders. Have dinner with us at the historic Dimmick Inn & Steakhouse, in Milford, or perhaps the Carriage House in Barryville, NY.We have prepared several street routes, 100 to 250 miles. Routes will be available on printed maps and by gpx.Destinations/overlooks/stops include:Hawks Nest Highway (see the banner photo)Bethel Woods (Woodstock)The Roebling AqueductSugar Loaf NYPerkins Memorial on Bear MountainThe spectacular Route 106 through Harriman St ParkStorm King Highway with overlook on West Point Military AcademyGreenwood LakeThe Dingman’s Ferry BridgeEVENT REGISTRATION: Online Event Registration - Eagle Quest JFF, Milford PA Eagle Quest JFF, Milford PA - online management provided by PlanetReg reg.planetreg.com I can send an email with the route info after you sign the waiver during registration.Motel:Myer Country Motel 570-296-7223 or 800-764-MYER Welcome to the Myer Country Motel Welcome to the Myer Country Motel where for over 73 years our standards of innkeeping excellence have been our trademark. Nestled among the Pocono Mountains of myermotel.com Call for reservations and mention the MSTA or Chris Shoop.They prefer to avoid on-line booking chargesRates: Thur $100&taxes, Fri & Sat $135 & taxesIf you want to learn more about the MSTA, visit: MSTA – Official Website of the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association Official Website of the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association RideMSTA.com
  9. Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster • The Register Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster Styled For The Street High-Res Stock Photo - Getty Images
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  11. Yes, Rutted 4X4 tracks fill with water & smegma can be a pain at times and the rocks in the streams also. We had much fun riding two days and enjoying Marietta at night for food and drink.
  12. Fun video. Looks slippery.
  13. Forgot this one from WV and east Ohio. We overnight-ed in Marietta to get a fresh start on a 160 mile advance level route that winded it's way just inside West Virginia. Next day we jumped on another route back into Ohio and split up just east of Woodsfield and went our ways home. Video, dirt starts at 3:50
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