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  2. And 1 went to NC....
  3. Oh whoops, per google it looks like they moved a mile to the newer side of the development.
  4. All this masking/antimasking is one thing, but don't start with City BBQ! I love that place. Now, how do I upvote my own post?
  5. Today
  6. I don’t remember who I heard it from, Tonik wanted to be able to edit your own comments in the chat box. Casper said no, and then edited a comment that Tonik left there. Tonik was pissed and disappeared from the board.
  7. Here's a fun comparison - 2 years ago vs last month
  8. 1/3rd of the active people are still active, 1/3 went track/mini racing and rarely ride street anymore, and the last 1/3rd just quit motorcycles. Oh and one is lost in the jungles of South America looking for El Dorito.
  9. @Casper still rides? .....
  10. i wanna know what did or didn't happen that made you think they hated each other. this fan-fic ain't gonna write itself haha
  11. You will notice that I said, I believe. That’s because I didn’t know for sure if that was true.
  12. Auction winding down. Last day. Thanks to all for their interest.
  13. The politics are killing the forum... IMO.
  14. Bring the donuts so we can all watch and make bets...
  15. That’s some ballsy talk from a uniball
  16. This is true. I'm working nights now on a new job title at work and can't just hang out on my work station computer all day anymore. Plus been kinda bust at home with family and haven't rode much since July. Things should be back to normal in about a month.
  17. Since unfettered drama mongering isn't panning out, I guess I'll have to start writing fanfiction of Casper and Tonik and Pauly going on a most excellent polar bear adventure.
  18. This will also probably be my next two wheeled purchase but will be a few more years since I just bough another new toy.
  19. There's no such thing as a pick 6 game in Ohio. SMH
  20. Meh, they were old and beyond their prime. Hardly worth the effort of masking.
  21. Copy/Paste.....deal with it. Heart disease 1 in 6 Cancer 1 in 7 All preventable causes of death 1 in 25 Chronic lower respiratory disease 1 in 26 Suicide 1 in 86 Opioid overdose 1 in 98 Motor-vehicle crash 1 in 106 Fall 1 in 111 Gun assault 1 in 298 Pedestrian incident 1 in 541 Motorcyclist 1 in 890 Drowning 1 in 1,121 Fire or smoke 1 in 1,399 Choking on food 1 in 2,618 Bicyclist 1 in 4,060 Sunstroke 1 in 7,770 Accidental gun discharge 1 in 9,077 Electrocution, radiation, extreme temperatures, and pressure 1 in 12,484 Sharp objects 1 in 29,483 Hot surfaces and substances 1 in 45,186 Hornet, wasp, and bee stings 1 in 53,989 Cataclysmic storm 1 in 54,699 Dog attack 1 in 118,776 Lightning 1 in 180,746 Kung Flu is about 1 in 2350. So you're somewhere between dying from a fire/smoke and choking on food. Your mask would just burn if you're on fire and would send the food back to your lungs if you were choking. So you're better off without it. And since dying on a motorcycle is 1 in 890 (almost 3 times higher than COVID, are you going to sell it to be safe? Because if you don't, that's hypocritical.
  22. Wish you had told me that sooner. I just spent today riding WV with him. I could have beat his ass or something if I had known.
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